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Motivator for empowerment and transformation


The time you spend with Suzanne will be life-changing. You will see yourself differently. You will gain a new understanding of yourself - the person you are, your motivations, strengths, as well as your fears and how to work through them to become empowered and confident. You will connect to your soul and learn how to live in alignment, bringing harmony to your life like never before!

How deep you choose to go is entirely up to you:

From there, you may decide to take your reports and go on your way.

Or, you may want to work on healing the past so you can align with your present.

Or maybe you want some help dealing with toxic people and situations in your life...

Or you want more confidence, or learn what it means to love yourself.

If you choose to work with me, you have options:

Behavior Therapy:

* One session or ongoing sessions (5 recommended).

* You will feel results with one visit.

* 5 sessions recommended for deeper healing; you will incorporate into how you see and experience yourself. Your friends, coworkers and family will notice how much brighter you appear and how much happier you are!

Energy healing 

 * One session provides immediate, noticeable results.

For long-term health problems, more than one session may be needed.



Hit the reset button on your energy and your life.

You can go all in and rewrite how you experience yourself, which will dramatically change the way the world interacts with you.


Office visits by appointment only: 

3623 Eggert Road, Orchard Park NY 14127



Suzanne was a 22-year victim of domestic violence who 
became an  award-winning woman of influence.
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