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Get to a place in your life Where if people laugh at your ideas It doesn't hurt.

Because you know in your heart you are capable.

Those who laugh at your ideas don't share your pass

ion, they don't understand your vision, because they can't see through your eyes and have not had your life experiences, so they don't resonate with your passion. Give others permission to be who they are. Don't try to guilt trip them.

Those people don't belong on your team, your board, or your payroll.

Don't bash them. If you do, then you will have dropped out of neutrality and compassion. Do not pass GO do not collect $200, Go back and repeat the grade. Live and operate from a place of COMPASSION.

It's a constant learning experience. You grow, you learn, you expand. Things will happen to knock you off course, because it's helping you get your sea legs. Helping you to get a tough skin because people are super conditioned to stay the same.

When you stick your head out with ideas that are not 'the same' you will ALWAYS get opposition. It's okay!

Learn to consider and entertain CONSTRUCTIVE criticism objectively. Avoid cynacism!

The more you live in alignment with your values, the more resistant you become to the attacks of others. When I say attacks, I mean resistance, opposers, skeptics, people who don't 'get' you. It will get less and less impactful and will soon roll off your back like rain on a duck's back.

Set your goals and get on it. If you're unhappy, that is on NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU. Claim your own life and take responsibility for living a life that feels AMAZING.

You came here to WIN. Not to suffer. Not be be victimized. You came here to learn and BECOME all of who you are!

A WINNER is someone who was a loser many times over, that didn't give up. PUSH THRU THE small defeats/failures (that may feel huge and overwhelming in the moment) and KEEP ON STEPPING! MOST importantly though, ENJOY THE JOURNEY! Master your sprints and soon you will realize you are winning the marathon. CELEBRATE all the small victories, you EARNED them. Take no thing and no one, including yourself, for granted. Celebrate it all, that builds momentum for you and for your team. Celebrate AS A TEAM, you are not here to serve self, but to serve others by honoring your calling. That is a big secret of success.


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