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What is Spiritual Awakening and Healing?

How does one trip upon their spiritual awakening? What is it? Why do we need to heal?

Everything exists. Energy is infinite. When you are born, you are slightly defined.

We have personality styles and traits, with their own range of variables, able to be described without even meeting a person, by knowing when and where one was born (via astrology chart).

The next layer is our infancy and early development - that infuses into our brain's database whether we are accepted, respected, seen heard, treated fairly, our essential needs are met, if we are valued, cared for and provided for, or not.

We go on to behave from the blended contents of the above, which further sets in based on how our behavior is either accepted or rejected.

We go on to act and react from this space...

UNTIL one day, we look around and question things.

We start to question why we are here, why we got the hand we were dealt. We begin noticing 11:11, 1234, or animals that we don't normally see crossing our path, and synchronicities.

That's the birth of spiritual awakening.

We see people for who they are and realize the pains they may have been operating from, and can hopefully find compassion for those who were unable to fulfil our early needs.

THAT IS WHERE TRUE LIBERATION and healing can be plugged in and the connection is made.

If we are still angry, that's a far distance from acceptance and the road to healing is a bit infringed upon by resentment.

When we can raise our consciousness vibration to that of understanding, the road gets more clear and healing can be entertained.

True healing can only come from forgiveness and compassion, for OURSELVES first. When we realize we are creation and are made of infinite love, and infinite energy, and cannot be destroyed, because energy cannot be destroyed, and we learn to treat ourselves like the miracle that we are, as sacred as the sun, the trees, the moon etc. that is where you get your power.

Once you realize the power that you have, the next level of experience comes with applying wisdom to harness and use that power for good and not revenge.

This is what is true for me. I teach and share everything that I've got. Being vulnerable, open and transparent is very powerful. Knowing who you are is powerful. Breaking free of patterns that are not in alignment ... living in a way that feels amazing...

I would love to help you connect those dots.


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