About Me


Hi, thank you so much for being here!

As a Scorpio Ascendant:  Yes I have seen, and lived in, the depths of hell; and lived to tell.  I was a victim of domestic violence, for 22 years. But todayI am a victor.

I had to dig to find myself again, and then dig deeper to understand “why?”

After starting life completely over at age 39, I rekindled my love of astrology.  I was floored to discover certain astrological markers and patterns in the charts of people that exhibit criminal behaviors! Likewise for those who are compassionate and empathic. I was really taken aback when I did the chart for the day I got married; horrible loss of power and manipulation for the next several years! It was in my chart!

I went on to study psychology, behavior therapy; neuro linguistic programming, as well as metaphysical studies, getting my Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Science in April 2018.

And naturally falling in to the mix came crystals, along with crystal healing therapy certification, numerology, and energy healing, starting with Anodea Judith and Donna Eden, and blasting to infinity with Jerry Sargeant as I became certified and accredited with Star Magic Healing, a very powerful quantum healing modality that goes to the source of one's perceived problems, perhaps from many lifetimes ago, and recreates one's story, allowing them to step fully into their own sovereign power.

I started writing workshops on becoming happy, overcoming grief, recovering from PTSD,  and continued my metaphysical exploration.; and started doing professional psychic readings at events and holistic venues in 2014.

In July 2018, I opened my private practice.  In April 2019, I left my corporate job for good and went full time.

I've created and hosted several radio shows and a television show - you can check those out under 'About.'

In 2019 I leveled up my skills with a trip to England for an INTENSE advanced facilitator training from Jerry Sargeant, then led a workshop at The Wellness Universe's "SoulTreat" event in Sedona. People experienced incredible healing!


Shortly after I toured from Massachusetts to Kansas, to sold out dates at holistic centers offering cacao ceremonies, workshops, and private reading and healing sessions.

In January 2020, we had a beautifully successful retreat in western New York called "The Awakening." In 2021 we did another called "Lion's Gate" and there are several more planned for 2022.

I teach what I know so that you can recover from your childhood wounds, and truly learn to love yourself. My mission is to unlock the universe within you so you can fully step into your power.

Domestic Violence

For over 20 years, the person who promised and vowed his love and protection, was the same person that I needed protection from.  I was degraded, hit and humiliated before my children. My husband raped me. He said I looked pretty when I cried.  My marriage took me to some horrible, deep, dark places that taught me how to leave my body.


He scowled into my face, and said if I ever left him again, he would kill my family and then kill me. I was scared to leave and scared to stay.  Feeling voiceless, depleted and defeated, I became isolated from society and "lost" my identity.  

I had to put on my happy face mask every day I went to work, and often had to hide under layers of make-up, big sunglasses and turtlenecks.  When home, I was unable to be with or talk to my own kids alone.  

​After breaking free, I became codependent.  I was numb.  I had no clue how to fit back in with society. I didn't know who my kids really were, as people, and they didn't know the real me.  But, neither did I.  

I didn't know who I was anymore, and that was terrifying!  

I had to dig deep to uncover the original me. Then, I lost my job.  At that moment, I made a decision to take control of my life and start my own (IT) business. 

I am renewed, recharged, realigned, and on top of my game!  I turned my torture into a torch to light the way for others going through defeating times.

The bricks hurled at me became a foundation of experience to stand on - I learned not to let decades of abuse make me bitter, but better! As in, unstoppable!  My first regular radio show used the moniker, "Pied Piper of Positive!"

Take the first step now, to change your life. Shift your perspective and live from LOVE rather than FEAR.

Go from being a spectator in your life, to an active participant, the star, of your life.  

You can't change what happened, but you can change what happens next!  

Is that a smile I see?

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