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"Teach your children well" America doesn't help you much.

Remember when you were little, seeing commercials on television for your favorite breakfast cereals? Which one "worked" for you? What was your favorite cereal and why did you want it? Can you remember how excited you felt when your parents brought it home from the grocery store?

We had the privilege of staying home until Kindergarten.

Can you remember on your first day of school? Some were excited and proud, others were terrified and cried or kicked the teacher. That is at 5 years old.... but today, kids have to go to a pre-pre K, dislodging the very much needed bonding time during the most critical, formative years in a child's life.

Losing that 1-2 years is a huge deal when you're only 5 years old... leaving as young as 3 can often contribute to a type of separation anxiety that leads to mistrust, not feeling protected, not feeling safe, and worst of all, not feeling "special."

Children need to feel safe at home before sending them off to worry about others.
Children are separated from home too early

Every child needs to know they are special at the family level. That changes when you enter an academic setting. We need to preserve this.

They are whisked off to get indoctrinated right away, turning off the creative side of the mind which rules playtime: imagination, etc and instead having to memorize how to write and use precision in their tiny little hands, how to be patient, wait in line, and put others first. It's way too early on a psychological level for these concepts. They should be shadowing the people at home. Making pretend dinners, mud pies, flying paper airplanes, coloring, playing with sound instruments, and sculpting with clay. They should be having tea parties, fantasy and role play, imaginary friends, and quality play as well as quality snuggle and quiet time with their families.

They can't get in until they had certain other pains, shots, which have not actually been studied when given at the same time as other ones; because they have not had the time to be studied long-term. That means our youth are part of an experiement.

Marketing correlates with our overall achetypal style. That will be another article for another time.

According to a 2019 article in Forbes(1), marketing was reported as a $1.7 trillion industry worldwide.

And this is the story of how America created and sustained a significant pillar of its wealth- on the ill backs of its people.

There is the proverb of It is better to be contented over something than to have nothing at all.

We need to get rid of the "something is better than nothing" concept - that came from our grand and great-greadpartents due to famine, war and not having enought to make ends meet. It's a generational scarcity mindset.

If that something is toxic, than you are clearly better off with nothing!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - something or nothing?

Make it a QUALITY something.

It's labeled, the choice is yours. A spoonful of caviities in a bowl of cancer?
Breakfast Cereal Ingredients are cancer-causing

Isn't it interesting how the bright red and yellow cereal box of Lucky Charms is the same colorway as McDonald's.

Most of the breakfast aisle at the supermarket is garbage - any "natural colors/flavors" are not what you might think and are best to be eliminated - better to have a single banana than a bowl of cancer.

There are nine artificial dyes in the food supply in the USA that are carcinogenic. And these dyes cause hyperactivity and behavior disorders such as ADHD.(3)

To be crystal clear, the meaning of carcinogenic: having the potential to cause cancer.

The same marketing that targets children with happy bright colors, images of super heroes, princesses, ghosts, leprechauns, unicorns and magical deliciousness, suggests when you have it, you will feel brave, strong, powerful, or that people will like you. Whatever it is you lack, these items will help bring you there! As adults we are aware of this marketing, and can see how strongly it impacts our young ones.

Every human being has a psychological deficit. Archetypal marketing will always speak to it, offering a promise of making it all better. In an astrology chart, we can look to natal Chiron. We all have a childhood wound regardless of

Everyone is born with a childhood wound. In astrology, it's Chiron.
The glyph for Chiron

our upbringing and who we have become. It is where we feel rejected. To see your Chrion, you can generate your own persoal chart for free on my website here. Chiron is the symbol that looks like a key, as indicated in the image.

Corporate America knows that how to reach us is through our children. That has not changed. We want to provide for them, to give them a better life or opportunity then we had, we want to be their hero. We want to encourage healthy discipline and can use food items as a reward or punishment by withdrawing them.

Whether we care to admit it or not, these ingredients cause addition. Sugar is extremely addictive.

What behaviors occur when you take booze away from an alcoholic, or you run out of vape juice, or you take something away from an addict? Sugar is just as powerful!

When sweets are used as a reward, it's a double dopamine - but when little Billy gets bored, he wants it more. He will beg and plead, and he may sneak into where they are stashed to get it.

This is not new, it is basic psychology - I bring it up to say, armed with the truth, sugary food as reward is not a good practice. Knowing now what you are truly giving your kids, is arming you with knowledge to make better choices for longer, stronger brighter quality of life for your offspring.

In modern society, most very young children are already playing games on someone's phone or tablet. When used as a pacifier, this teaches emotional detachment, avoidance of working through issues, both leading to social anxiety and a deficit in soft skills. Naturally a child will act up in the worst place at the worst time - the adult puts a phone or tablet in their hand to pacify them, rather than kneeling down to their level or picking them up, and directly addressing the root cause. Why? Because everyone is feeling hyper-stressed, and on the verge of a nervous breakdown in survival mode.

It is an intentional, systemic way of life that was put there by "the brotherhood."

It's becoming more and more obvious to people, the truth of the top down structure - those at the top DO NOT WANT little Billy eating healthy, real food, becoming strong and having a solid sense of self.

They build a network, investing stupid amounts of money and unmentionable dirty deals with others at the top, pushing these colorful happy branding for fake food, containing known carcinogens, toxins and poisons, which plant little time-release seeds of mental and nervous disorders.

According to the highly regarded Cleveland Clinic, "The U.S. doesn’t ban any artificial food dyes.

"Red dye 40, made from petroleum, is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Adminis

Children need real food to thrive.
The US allows food companies to put carcinogens in our food.

tration (FDA) for use in foods and drinks... ..studies have linked artificial food dyes like red dye 40 to hyperactivity, including ADHD... other studies show an improvement in behavior and attention once the dyes were eliminated."(2) It is also in... you guessed it, medications! also cosmetics and tons of foods on the regular shelves at the store.

Moving on in this young Billy's childhood, in grammar school, school talks about health, and how important it is to see a dentist at least twice a year.

Teeth and bones represent structure in energy medicine.

Teeth are directly connected to our meridian system. Each tooth in the human mouth is related by a meridian to an organ in the body. When an organ or system becomes diseased or infected, the associated tooth most likely will express some type of symptom as well. (4)

Mysterious health problems, unable to be diagnosed by the best physicians and specialists, can often be traced back to a problem in the teeth or jaw.

In grammar school, we learn that we should see the dentist at least twice a year.

So now little Billy has an inspection of his mouth, seeing how well he has taken care of his teeth.

What's that? Oh shocker Billy has cavities. He thought the vitamin rich Fruity Pebbles was fine, thinking he got strong eating the Superman ice cream, and that he was a good boy by brushing his teeth before bed. When he finished his chores he got to have Grandma's cookies, and after getting an A on his spelling test, Dad took him out for ice cream.

All formal health care and affiliated colleges which issue the diplomas in these disciplines are part of the network feeding that pillar of wealth in America. They must only do exactly as they are instructed. By the book and to the letter. Even if you know it's not in the patient's best interest.

Since 2020, we have seen a host of health care workers throw their arms up and leave, or "come out" with their own admissions of not being able to serve in this way anymore. It has become blatantly clear that the US is for profit

based on illness, not wellness. Profit over people.

Back to little Billy.

The dentist tells Billy to use this bubble gum flavored, fluoride toothpaste and sends him home with a free little tube of it, along with a new toothbrush.

If you do a search for what dentists recommend in oral care, it is the use of fluoride products.(5) How many ads have you heard as a child "Nine out of 10 dentists recommend..."

What about that one who doesn't? S/He got ousted and humiliated, probably even set up to create a way to revoke their license. That's what happens when you don't "agree."

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain.”

"LOW LEVEL fluoride exposure could lead to lifelong deficits in intelligence as well as future mental health issues" (6)

If you are not in a rural location, you are subject to public water, showering in it (your skin is your biggest organ), and if you choose, drinking it. It's loaded with toxins, bleach and yep, more fluoride!

The paid-for-by-the-top sites will say fluoride prevents tooth decay, but if they care so much about that, why do they push sugar towards our children in the first place? Why do they put cancer-causing dyes in food, and serve pink slime in school? What about "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?

Equally as eye-opening, (in this case, what we call the third eye) is that fluroide, certain prescription medications and metals like mercury that was used in my generation's tooth fillings, can not be easily broken down by the body. It stores up in our pineal gland where it becomes calcified, preventing the needed fluidity to use our intuititve attena.

Fluoride can calcify the pineal gland and cause a long list of chronic health concerns.
Toxins build up in our pineal gland

It causes disruptions in our circadian rhythm, what helps us be awake when the sun is up and go to bed at night time.

The main function of the pineal gland is to receive information about the state of the light-dark cycle from the environment and convey this information by the production and secretion of the hormone melatonin.(6)

Having a calcified pineal gland can cause headaches, sleep disorders, nausea, manias, panic attacks, delusions, severe depression, and so many other concerns such as substantial weight gain and even accelerated aging! (7)

And those same escapey, fairy tale images are used in vaping and synthetic cannibinoid products.

We need more time to be present and nuture our children.
Born in a system where you are set up to lose (your health and well-being)

You are Billy somewhere in the story.

The great news is, you have a mind of your own, and you make your own choices every single day.

How you can live a high

er quality life is by taking control of what you eat and how you condu

ct yourself. What you put in, reflects what you emenate out. You would never put sugar in a car's gas tank. Take care of your body, it is your temple and should be treated as sacred.

If someone laughs when you speak this way, don't try to convince them. Stay your path. YOU are your responsibility, everyone else is their own's. It's not up to us to convince anyone of anything, but when we live a lifestyle we feel great about, we can't help but to be a positive influence to others.

Share information - and for people who aren't tuned to it, they can 'turn the channel.' No harm no foul. You will lose some friends, and that's ok too. It makes room for more aligned people to find you.

Form new healthy alliances. It's time to reform on a community, grass roots level. Be authentic and take care of yourself, like your life depends on it... because well duh, it does.

You can't live on crap food and expect that it won't catch up with you one day.

You can make changes in small ways, so you don't get too overwhelmed.

Take accountability for your well-being.

if someone is pumping money into advertising, don't consume it!
Avoid all food that has a commercial

If you made it the end of this post, THANK YOU!! I would love if you shared it with anyone who may appreciate the value in it.

You just never know, so many times you will say something and hear back even years later that it was exactly what a person needed at the exact moment they needed it most.

Thank you, With great love, Suzy.


What was your favorite childhood cereal?
Childhood breakfast cereals and the prizes

About the cereals: I wanted the cereal with the coolest toy inside the cereal box. My favorite were decoders. That shows my Scorpio rising for sure! I also remember a perforated pop out record on the back of a cereal box that was an actual record that you could play on a

turntable, THAT was sooo coool! And I was a fan of Cracker Jax because of the prize inside. I actually also loved the smell of Cracker Jax too and loved the peanuts more than the popcorn... there is my Taurus moon speaking! LOL I used to love going to my uncle's and being able to get the 6-pack of mini cereal boxes, you could cut a capital I in the wax paper bag and pour the milk, and eat right out of the box!

It would be way cool to share your memories! Please share YOUR favorite cereals and why!!!!






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