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August Lion's Gate Spiritual Retreat

I'm so excited for warm weather, more light giving us longer days, and leaving the jackets and boots at home. But in recent years, I have come to know and love a particular energy in early to mid-August called the "Lion's gate portal."

August 8th is the peak, 8/8 being a double infinity sign, this is when the alignment from the star cluster Sirius, the sun, and the earth line up, also lining up with the Pyramid of Giza, the "portal" of energy opens, and the earth receives very powerful energies from Sirius.

Weekend spiritual retreat in Ellicottville with Suzy Woo
Lion's Gate Spiritual Retreat with Suzy Woo

I hold an event during this time that I call the Lion's Gate Spiritual Retreat. It is an eye-opening and life-changing event for any walk of life to experience. Walk in curious and walk out knowing and empowered.

Who is this for? Those who want to find their power, discover or realize their purpose, for those who want to understand why their life is the way it is. It's for those who want to have a more active role in their lives, and be more engaged in things that are fun, uplifting and fulfilling in life.

It is for also for those who feel lost, and/or who are unhappy with where they are in their life. It is for those who want change and either don't know how to get the ball rolling, or who can use a big boost.

Come in as strangers and leave as family.

It's a Friday evening, all Saturday and all Sunday, where you get to be up close with powerful healing tools, like a museum of science where you can interact and use, or play, with the tools. A copper meditation pyramid, a crystal grid, a huge foot singing bowl, gongs, metal and quartz singing bowls, Mount Shasta lavender quartz, Divine mother crystal carving, crystal skulls, and there's more. You get to touch them, meditate with them, connect with them.

You will learn a little about a LOT.

Energy will be explained and demonstrated - you'll be taught how to manipulate energy. You'll become an energy slinger! We will learn the connection between external energy and our emotions, and how emotions and our inner voice dictate our health and wellness! Learn here how you can pivot your life now, and start to move into a life lived on purpose, being able to manifest anything and everything you could imagine! The relationship, the body, the job, the home that you want, and deserve... you will learn how to harness the infinite power you have, which is patiently waiting, kind of dormant, within your DNA.

We will do a great deal of healing, laughing, crying, and celebrating. So go ahead and bring your pain- dark memories, your traumas, your physical pains, and be ready to watch them disintegrate as you are taught how to steer the rudder of your life and you learn what and who you REALLY are, at soul level!

You will meet many spiritual beings this weekend, such as your spirit guides, or guardian angels, ascended masters, feel the cosmic love from our star family. One of these retreats, several attendees reported seeing like an apparition of a guy in white robes.

This is where science and spirituality meet, and you will experience it and feel it first hand. No smoke and mirrors, this is reality. It is ALL LOVE. Nothing creepy or scary EVER happens, because you are in a safe, sacred and protected energetic space. Expect healing and new wisdom for yourself!

Another great thing about the event, you don't need a shred of experience. You don't need to know what a chakra is, or know anything about consciousness. In this experiential weekend event you will grow, evolve, learn and become who you came into this lifetime to be!!!!! Empowered! SO EXCITING!!!!!!!

Won't you join us? It is August 11-13, at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, New York. There are payment plans if needed, with a pay one price ticket option. All meals and lodging are rolled into your ticket price or if you live nearby, there is a commuter option without lodging. If you come with a friend, you can get a double room and save.

Suzy Woo's Spiritual Retreat
2021 Lion's Gate Event

It's an experience you will never forget. Some highlights: Friday night we will have an opening water ceremony (since it's year of the Water Rabbit), followed by an incredible sound bath. Saturday night we have a cacao ceremony with journeying where you will find lost pieces of yourself and recover them.

We always finish off this magical weekend with a wonderful goody bag containing crystals/energy pieces from the event to bring home with you, along with a Certificate of Completion. This is for all walks of life, and all ages 16+. But it's only once a year, during the opening of the Lion's Gate portal, so don't miss it! It is some of my most important work to help others awaken to who they truly are and begin to "light up!" Isn't it time?


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