The Universe is calling.  Will you answer?

Are you ready to wake from the dream?

The number 11 invites you to walk through the gateway. 

The timing is perfect.

Join your brothers and sisters from all walks, who either are tuned in with other energies, or who strongly desire to tune in to these energies, and feel a bit isolated.  Spirituality, synchronicities, special encounters, soul retrieval and ancestral/karmic patterning are not topics we can just rattle off about around the water cooler at work.  Many of us don't share this intimate part of our life even with our best friends.

Time is speeding up, our human energy is shifting, the planet's energy is shifting, the veil is very thin... 

We are having more deja vu experiences, connections to other dimensions, other existences, other beings, to spirit, to voices, to visions, to dreams, to nightmares, to memories, to ancient truths.   At this event... Here ... it all makes sense.  Perfect sense. We will pull it all together as a family to help you walk through the gateway with love, support and confidence to discover, explore and develop your psychic, intuitive and spiritual abilities!

You're being asked to take a leap of faith.

Nothing great happens in your safety zone. You cannot grow if you never venture out of your comfort zone. Choose to be involved in your outcomes by living with intention, and living consciously!




The purpose of this event is to give you a helping hand up along your spiritual path. 

"pull you through" ... help you though the doorway to freedom. cleanse and clear karmic pollution, get you reset and restored to your original, untainted pure energy. Before any conditioning. Your own pure ESSENCE!  

We will learn simple ways to become more spiritual, to connect with all that is, and to understand that we are DIVINE beings, and we must treat ourselves as such. 


Purge what needs purging to clear a path ... and allow room for bright, new opportunities to shine on you.

Chakra popping, Soul retrieving, Love filled, Spiritually charged, Magical and Mystical Journey that your soul has been begging to go on.

Take the action, don't let another opportunity pass you by to become SO inspired, SO awakened, SO connected and SO fulfilled. 

Enlightenment, enrichment, enjoyment.  Cystals, connecting, and a cacao ceremony.

Positive energy and empowerment.

Identify your dominate means of receiving psychic information

Increase your psychic acuity, and increase your ability to tune in to the spiritual realm

Open your energy centers, repair and cleanse your aura, balance your total energy then light it up!

Delicious and nutritious meals included

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