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I got forked by Suzy Woo

Eco-Friendly, Recycled, Reusable Grocery Tote       Just $4.75!

Reusable tote bag Suzy Woo

Have a laugh while turning heads and perhaps raising a brow too....  a great conversation starter!

Proudly show off your bag promoting holistic wellness as you do your shopping.

Eco-Friendly Recycled Grocery Brown Bags made in the USA!

  • Made from Robust, High-Quality Polypropylene and Kraft Paper

  • Easy-to-Handle and Lightweight Tote Bags

  • Reusable and Easy-to-Clean Material

  • Large 8.5" Gussets to Carry Heavier Items

  • Made to Look Like a Paper Bag


Each tote is cut from a large piece of kraft paper that is laminated on non-woven polypropylene, making each recycled bag the perfect recycled material combination.


These brown bags are built to last. With a matte finish and stitched to perfection from one continuous piece of reusable laminated material, each bag is recycled and can be easily wiped clean for repeated use, making them low-maintenance and high-value for the money.


Large drop handles make for easy carrying, and precise, reinforced stitching ensures months of use. With its open main compartment, the Custom Recycled Grocery Brown Bag is also fitted with a large 8.5" gusset for added strength and support.


Each visit to the store becomes an eco-friendly affair as you demonstrate your opposition to using plastic, plus now you can carry heavy items without worrying about your bag ripping open. Using eco-friendly and recycled bags encourages others to adopt green practices while helping people open their minds to alternative ways to be healthy, balanced, and in-tune!

Bag Dimensions: 12 ½”  across  x  14” high with a nice 8 ½” depth!

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