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Ultra-Contrasting Points of Perspective: Pisces Season starts off deep


We went from bold, edgy, FIERCELY independent, innovative, lightning fast and forward thinking AQUARIUS (where the sun was) with the moon in chatty witty funny GEMINI - all that air energy was awesome for learning, sharpening skills, social groups, telling jokes and collaborating ideas...


stillness, quiet, reflective, emotional, weepy, nostalgic, night-time, soft creative energy as the sun is now in Pisces - the most SENSITIVE of all the signs... also dreamy, beautiful and, fantasy-loving; while the moon is in Cancer, the most EMOTIONAL of all signs. Both are water signs, meaning intuitive, but also emotional.

You may have really lost your steam, and you may need more REST, more SLEEP. It is a wonderful time to get new comfortable SHOES or SLIPPERS as Pisces rules the FEET, also beautify your bedroom as Pisces rules sleep and the bedroom!

Be mindful because these days can bring up things that can trigger you or TEMPT you into rekindling former addictive behaviors, also we can fall into a slump of victimhood thinking, or the saviour archetype.

No one is holier than thou, we are all spiritual essence inside of a temporary meatsuit. FEEL YOUR FEELINGS don't choke them down. CREATE and DREAM, don't fall into a drunken stupor (escapism, altered states, alcohol and rec drugs, and avoidance is the dark side of Pisces). It's gonna work out, DREAM the DREAM and work to LIVE the dream!

AND we are on our way to a Virgo FULL MOON on the 24th so the energy is building. As we see more of Luna we have to feel and see things for what they are, make some modifications deciding what needs releasing as we move forward towards our dreams and ambitions.

As we slide into the full moon energy, DONT BE SO FUSSY - Virgo energy is picky and perfectionism but also anxious. Try not to make a mountain out of a mole hill. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH. MANDATORY during this time and up your colloidal silver or anything you do for immune system health.

If you ever get confused, go back inside your heart and remember the most important thing: DO NO HARM. This means starting with YOU! End self-sabotage in all forms. Do YOU.  Love does heal all.

The 24th peaks the ultimate forgive and release. Do not sacrifice SELF so others can 'live.' Fill your cup before you fill others. Just like the oxygen mask on the airplane. You're no good to anyone if you are running on fumes.

What keeps us on our toes - every month shifts from masculine yang to feminine yin energy; then inside of every month the moon goes through all 12 zodiac signs, one sign every 2.5 days, keeping our emotions bouncing in and out, in and out. When the moon aligns with YOUR sign, it's a personal reboot for that month.  

Want to learn astrology? I have an on demand course - learn as little or as much as you like - visit my website and click on 'learn with me.'


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