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Learn with Me!

If you resonate with me, I'm exactly the same when I teach: light-hearted, straight-up, easy to follow, and of course, entertaining. Laughter is the best medicine, after all! 


All Certification Courses this year are administered live, with weekly sessions running 2 hours each. After the live session, you'll get an email with the replay and the slide show or notes; so if you can't attend live you can still get all the benefits! You will have lifetime access to the materials.

Payment Plans: I offer Afterpay (choose it at checkout)




Become a Certified Astrologer! Launches September 10th 2023. Sundays from 12-2pm EST  Register here!

Offered live in person, and online. Learn for yourself or to do readings for others, personally or professionally if you go all the way!  Pricing note: Each level is ALL INCLUSIVE. For example, if you purchase the level 3 course, $870 includes ALL the levels comprising 28 total weeks. Each level builds on the one before it. 

Level 1 Beginner is a 12 week course which will have you confident and well-versed in the signs, the houses, the planets and the elements. You will be able to do a basic chart interpretation. $450

Level 2 Advanced Beginner is 10 weeks consecutively following Level 1, which will explore 3 disciplines: Jungian astrology (psychological profiling), evolutionary astrology (how one evolves in and through lifetimes) and predictive astrology (timing using transits). You will understand how to read a chart to explain a personality style/type, and how to decipher one's 'theme,' potentials, karmic lessons. (22 week course in total, Level 1 + Level 2)  $670

Level 3  Competent Reader is 6 weeks (consecutively following Level 2) covering transits, timing, and an introduction to progressions. Upon completion of this level, you can give a competent, professional reading!  That is a 28 weeks in total (12 weeks L1 +10 weeks L2 + 6 weeks L3) - Comprehensive Certified Astrology Reader course for only $870!   Register here!

Spiritual Healer's Certification Couse  Launches January 10th 2024. Wednesdays from 4-6pm More/Register 

Level 1: This is a 16 week program that will take you from zero to Certified Healer!

We focus on foundations and getting right with one's self so you can be a crystal clear vessel to heal yourself and others. We learn the chakra system in a personal, intimate way. Learn how to increase, strengthen and fine-tune your own intuition, to then work with earth guides, spiritual guides, ascended masters, outer planetary energies, constellation energies and even more. Learn how to call in healing energy with a single "play call," and learn how to work with quantum physics! This course will open your eyes to a broader perception of life that you learn how to master, and learn how to work with the flow of the universe. No experience necessary.

 $1350 for split payments or $1100 single payment - Afterpay available.

BONUS: The first 10 sign ups will get a 60min private coaching session at the completion of the program (Value $250).

BONUS: Register by October 1st to get a personal astrology report for the next 12 months! (Value $45). 

Read More, or Get Registered


Graduates of the 2023 Pilot Course, Level 2: Applications and Practices being offered early 2024

2024 Courses, Registration Not Open

Sound Healing 

Sound Healing Certification  Level 1 (Concepts, Understanding and Administration) and Level 2 (Applications/Professional)  Launching Summer, 2024

Level 1 is 8 weeks. This will give you an A-Z of sound healing tools and how to use them.

Level 2 is 6 weeks added to Level 1. It will show you how to apply the your knowledge and develop your skills to use sound healing tools working with clients.

Psychic, Mediumship Development including Channeling and Medical Intuition  (not scheduled yet)

"Basic Training": 10 week program to identify and develop your strongest skills and work on the rest of the Claires

Intermediate: 8 weeks added to Basic.

Professional: 10 weeks added to the Intermediate Level.

Become an Expert Tarot Reader  (in progress)

Level 1 (Beginner) Level 2 (Advanced) Level 3 (Expert + Tarot as a Business)   

Level 1 This is a 6 week course. Level 1 is understanding the way of the tarot, key words for all the cards, and becoming well-versed in the basics. You'll learn how to do a basic card reading.

Level 2 is 4 weeks in addition to Level 1, and goes deeper into the intuitive side but also integrating numerology, symbols, colors, strategies and more intricate spreads for readings. 

Level 3 is 4 weeks added to the previous lessons; and will involve intuition building skills, confidence training and plenty of readings! Also covers Tarot as a business. Tips on reading professionally, code of ethics, healthy boundaries and hosting reading parties.

Levels 1 and 2 are available in person AND ONLINE (meaning you can watch the recordings if you can't attend live) - but Level 3 has to be live.

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