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Learn with Me!

If you resonate with me, I'm exactly the same when I teach: light-hearted, straight-up, easy to follow, and of course, entertaining. Laughter is the best medicine, after all! 

Introduction to Numerology

Get it on demand $44

Two hours packed with juicy information taking you from zero, literally! 

Get the meaning and energy of numbers; and decipher what your guides or the universe is trying to tell you!

Includes wonderful "cheat sheets" in the slide show.

Psychic Development Intensive

Get it on demand!  $220

This is a 10 hour intensive course in psychic development like nothing you've ever experienced before! Includes powerful activations that were channeled and delivered live on the spot during the portal energy of 11/4 and 11/11. Comes in 2 parts. Available on-demand now!

 1. Learning your language: Symbols and numbers, numerology, YOUR inner understanding with YOUR guides, Impressions

 2. Integrating and Using your language Daily: Reading everything around you, Practicing your ability

 3. Powerful channeled activations - one in each part! (Course is 2 separate recordings)

 4. Tying it all Together: Reading people, Best Practices

Attendee feedback so far: "Wow. I got downloads all night." "I saw the sparkles you spoke of!"  "You never disappoint. You are solid. The real deal."



Become a Certified Astrologer!    SELF-PACED Course.  Choose your level and get it NOW!


Entry Level from Zero

Learn for yourself, or to do readings for others, personally or professionally! 

Pricing note: Each level is ALL INCLUSIVE. For example, if you purchase the level 3 course, $870 includes ALL the levels. Each level builds on the one before it.  

Level 1 Beginner: 12 week course which will have you confident and well-versed in the signs, the houses, the planets and the elements. It's the alphabet of astrology! You will be able to do a basic chart interpretation. $450

Level 2 Advanced Beginner:  10 weeks consecutively following Level 1, which will explore 3 disciplines: Jungian astrology (psychological profiling), evolutionary astrology (how one evolves in and through lifetimes) and predictive astrology (timing using transits). You will understand how to read a chart to explain a personality style/type, and how to decipher one's 'theme,' potentials, karmic lessons. (22 week course in total, Level 1 + Level 2)  $670

Level 3  Competent Basic Reader is 6 weeks (consecutively following Level 2) covering transits, timing, and an introduction to progressions. Upon completion of this level, you can give a competent, professional reading!  That is a 28 weeks in total (12 weeks L1 +10 weeks L2 + 6 weeks L3) - Comprehensive Certified Astrology Reader course for only $870

Intermediate Astrology -  $389

For those who have a solid understanding of the signs, planets, houses and know a little about the aspects.

This course offers 10 weeks to hone in on giving professional, thorough, complete and proper readings, the birth chart, personality profile, solar return reading, and progressions.

PLUS - We will visit (get a basic understanding of) vocational astrology (can help the vocationally undecided through the confusing woods of unlimited career paths), medical astrology (seeing, predicting and remedying health conditions using charts and planets), horary astrology (the person asks one question and you do a chart for it) the major asteroids such as Black Moon Lilith, Vesta, Pallas Athene, Ceres and Juno.

And, we will touch on the astrology of the Royal Stars: Regulus, Aldebran, Antares, and Fomalhaut. The Royal Stars are said to be the guardians of the night sky, and gateways to higher realms of consciousness. Each of these fixed stars rests in a corner of our night sky, creating an almost perfect square or perhaps, mapping out an energetic portal.

Throughout the course we will incorporate the use of timing via transits to predict likely circumstances in a person’s life such as marriage/divorce, pregnancy, moves, career changes etc.

Weekly classes starting either late June or early July.

Spiritual Healer's Certification Couse  More/Register 

This is an amazing course that will take you from zero to Certified Healer in just 16 weeks!

We focus heavily on foundations; getting right with one's self, so you can be a crystal clear vessel to heal yourself and others. Discover plenty of subconscious things about yourself, and find out the language of your body! We learn the chakra system in a personal, intimate way. Learn how to increase, strengthen and fine-tune your own intuition, to then work with earth guides, spiritual guides, ascended masters, outer planetary energies, constellation energies and even more! Learn how to call in healing energy with a single "play call," and learn the principles and applications of quantum physics! This course will open your eyes to a broader perception of life that you can learn how to master, so you can work with the flow of the universe. No experience necessary. For best results, throw away what you know and come in with an open mind and heart!

The full course is $135for a single payment or $1550 divided into 4 monthly payments of $387.50.

Afterpay is available (choose at checkout)!

 Read More, or Get Registered

​If you can't participate live, the entire course will be recorded and each session will be emailed to you that night, along with the slides, in PDF format. There is an (optional) in-person graduation day with live in-person training!

Tarot Certification Course 

Level 1 (Basic): 6 weeks                  $250

Level 2 (Advanced): +4 weeks (10 weeks total)  $375

Level 3 (Expert & Tarot as a Business: +4 weeks (14 weeks total) $490


Level 1 and 2 are available in-person and online

Level 3 must be in person - if you are interested please let me know - email me at

"I get SO MUCH from all of your classes."


"I was skeptical about having to watch later and not be live. But I had the most amazing experience!

"I am so thankful that I don’t feel behind at all having to watch the next day. " 

"you're doing a spectacular job directing us, and you're giving us some really fabulous thought-provoking material to work on."

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