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Stay True to Your Values: Live Authentically, Despite Others' Opinions

If you are a business, to succeed you must grow. To grow, you MUST MUST MUST get out of your own back yard.

Find your tribe, and always be networking. Talk about what you do. Just a little to those who might not be in the same fold, and more to those who share a common interest.

Don't shove your business down everyone else's throat, and surely don't whine and guilt trip people if you are not successful.

HELP others by sharing your insights... what worked for you, what advice of experience can you give (vs opinions)?

Attend events, conferences, conventions, get yourself on panels and discussions in your industry. YOU KNOW STUFF! Don't think you aren't good enough or aren't ready, you DO know stuff! Information from experience is VALUABLE! People are now, where you once were!

I was SO in my element this weekend it was pure magic. I'm rebranding and relaunching my media show (formerly "You can! with Suzanne")

If you are an IT nerd, you then you get excited talking with other IT nerds. If you are a Star Trekkie then you are in your element with those and go to those events where they gather!

The Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo featured food, drink, supplements, readers, healers, astrologers, devices to restructure your water, food, your cells, teachers, leaders, advocates, authors, channelers, energy jewelry makers, natural health care products like non toxic toothpaste, ormus, light therapy, crystal therapy, aura scans, and the list goes on and on.

Eating CLEAN - oddly is made fun of. Why? Because it's the go with the crowd form of advertising - everyone else is doing it. Eat a Whopper, go to the Golden Arches, drink P@psi, watch the pooperbowl, (etc). Follow the crowd and drink the Mt Dew Code Red. Drinking with your buds is cool, making fun of people when they don't fit in, this is OLD.

TO EACH THEIR OWN. Everyone's truth is DIFFERENT and that is what makes you unique! You have every right to an opinion.

Everyone is also on their own level of their own journey and their own evolution. You dont, and will never, know all there is to know. I use my page to share what's important to me, to connect with others of like mind.

Those who don't agree, are likely not followng my page. Simple enough. If you don't like what you see, DONT WATCH. Why complain?

Try COMPASSION. Try UNDERSTANDING, try NEUTRALITY. Be love itself, you are made of and from it.

It's hilarious that the very things that our body thrives on, are laughted at and made fun of, don't you think? Commercials don't get wound up over a cobb salad, they are more excited over the clear grease on the grey looking burger. ADS are paid advertising put there to SELL. It is that simple.

Healthy foods don't have commercials so they dont have cute jingles or herd mentality or a brand! Eat clean non pesticide organic foods, don't drink tap water because it has chlorine and fluoride, known toxins, in it!

Make fun, because 9 out of 10 dentists say.... who is paying the bill?

R0thchildz, S0r0z, etc etc etc.... don't fall in. Turn of mainstream drip feed with what to be fear next - there will ALWAYS BE A NEXT BIG THING... .

In YOUR world, why not let it be love? Yep, hippies and laughter again. Funny how the truth gets made fun of so that when people talk it up, the herd gathers and laughs.

You create your reality with every single decision you make.

Make it overly simple - for every choice, ask yourself, 'Will this HELP me or HURT me?'

At least then you are making a CONSCIOUS choice rather than blinkly mindlessly eating a bag of M&Ms with Red40, Yellow 6 and other cancer causing and brain fogging food dyes that are banned everywhere in the world except the US. Our govt knowingly puts carcinogens in our food, water and air. When we talk about it, there's always the people who roll their eyes. Is it denial or herd mentality? There's plenty of data that proves about engin33red weather, your dryer is collecting your information, our leaders trade us as commodity via our SSNs .... and no charge power has been out there for ever - but every time someone reinvents it, they get Clintoned.

Who do you think is laughing last and loudest? He who is laughing all the way to the bank as the ill person becomes part of the medical machine, the illness model. Who really wins?

Just remember the choice IS always yours. You have free choice. Choose how you life, what you consume and who you spend time with.

GROW, evolve, love and move your body. Do what you love.  

Find your tribe.

Life a life that you are proud of.

Be true to your word. Walk your talk. Don't feel intimidated when speaking your truth. Just because you might stick out, you are living AUTHENTICALLY, and that is empowered. GO you!  

It's important to me to go to sleep with a clear conscious every night; to know why I do what I do, why I say what I say, and why I live the way I do. I can explain it. It's in alignment with my values. I feel bad for those too afraid to do that, or like I used to be, was so scared to live that I totally lost touch with who I was at all, was extremely easily intimidated and people constantly told me I needed to grow a spine. Oh, I know who I am now. And I'm not here to prove things to others, but to live an honest and empowered life, as well as guide anyone who wants some help.

Be ALL of who you are! Express yourself authentically and don't soften the story because someone else might make fun of you. I don't do Valentine or any of those kinds of holidays - because they are like false implants that want you to play along, buy the shit with the red dye, drink the alcohol, in other words don't think for yourself, be foggy, and take yourself out from intelligent aligned choice. Have better health now or pay for it later, and that is no joke, and the choice is ALWAYS YOURS. Of course there are people who live til 110 drinking whiskey or smoking - it's your own toss of the dice - what are you knowingly risking and is it worth it? Know your WHY.

If you are living your why - "I need to have my Scotch and soda after a stressful day at work to relax me" for example - having stress IS in fact, a choice. You absolutely can reframe your mind to avoid stress - how? By filling your days with light, helping others, living in gratitude, happiness, joy, having a sense of purpose and fulfillment, living in a way that feels right for YOU! BE WHO YOU ARE!

That is how to have an amazing life.

Play the music you love, do what you love, try new things, change your routine, laugh a LOT, jump in the puddle if it makes you happy, draw, bikeride, make fudge, do whatever makes you feel giddy inside.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Smile more. LOTS more! Hug others!  LAUGH, choose to be amused!

 I love you all  LIVE YOUR TRUTH AND BE KIND! You matter! You are creator energy! You are divine!


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