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On-Demand Courses Now Available

Hello friends,

We had our first snowfall where I am. Nearly a foot of it on the ground, its glow lights up my living room office, it's really beautiful.

Friday night, I'm doing a fun Las Vegas event locally, doing a whole bunch of psychic readings for 3 hours. Saturday morning I'll be headed to Cleveland for a full day of private sessions at Goddess Elite, followed by a reading party. Sunday I'm presenting at the Lake County Astrological Association's Christmas party for the year ahead, and then am doing a sound healing for a group. Busy, but so much fun! I hope that you are doing what it is that YOU love to do!

I wanted to share that two courses are now available on-demand.

The Astrology Certification Course is going AMAZING, really really amazing. Everyone gets it really well and as the teacher, I am over the moon with joy! You can choose which level (1-3) you are interested in. You will get the recordings and slides for each week. Once you buy your ticket you'll get the links so don't worry about the dates listed. We launched this course in September, I'm still teaching it and will wrap up level 1 at the end of December. Everyone is really loving it!

Ten Hour Psychic Intensive - this was wild! Recorded on 11/4 and 11/11 two significant portal days, super incredible channeled messages and transmissions occured LIVE on camera it was so cool! Attendees had miraculous results - the reported feeling their own downloads and orb-y energy around them. This also teaches you how to FEEL COLOR! When I was on live, the course was $220. It is listed on my website now for $179 and it's on sale for all of December - using the code Free40 you can get it for $139. Methods, exercises, breathing, tools and tips are all included here!

December 8th is another day the music died with the tragic assassination of John Lennon. I am holding a very powerful sound healing at the United Church of Ellicottville at 6:30pm. There you can allow the divine to gently bathe you in light. You will feel so loved, and so seen. It will be beautiful and quite powerful, as I speak prayer into my big sacred gongs, and play quartz singing bowls. I'm doing this as a give back to the community, my clients, and my shop's customers, for supporting my businesses the past two years so it's free to attend. A very special thanks to a client turned friend, Kate, for being the person who made it happen.

I'll be going back on the road in the new year, as several cities and dates are already confirmed.

I was touring and in Boston MA when C0v1d hit - after a beautiful full day doing private sessions and teaching a class at Uplifting Connections, I was scheduled to go see the whales on Martha's Vineyard the next day with a friend. On that Friday afternoon, they announced the closing of the Boston area schools; so I decided to reroute and drive home. My daughter messaged me to get toilet paper because people were going batshit crazy over its scarcity in Buffalo.

Since then I've moved and relocated everything though and needed to get re-grounded and let the world show us how it would move forward. Now, I am ready to get back out there!

Thank you as always for your loving support, trust, and friendship. Please do share with your friends that I exist. Thank you again and I wish you so much peace to you.




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