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The Alchemic Scorpio energy of 11/1- dig deep and face your demons

Today is magical. Make a declaration for yourself to shed old skins and emerge anew on the other side... on the other side of all that tried to take you down. "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger" nails Scorpio energy.

It's 11/1 and a 7 year. (Add the individual digits of 2023)

Today is a sacred day. One for solace, reflection and finding strength in very deep places.

Today, we can easily walk between two worlds... the world of the physical and the world of spirit.

It is Scorpio season. It is a time when the veil between worlds is extremely thin.

Dark stuff can (re)surface that you need to face and work through.

Everything goes in cycles. There is no such thing as burying anything. It still exists on some plane. If you bury a bad memory in your closet for example, the energy is still held there. Just because you don't physically see it, the energy is still there, in the dark. Best to thank it and release it with a personal ceremony... whether you burn it, or dispose of it in another way.

Phoenix rising from the ashes - Scorpio alchemy

The best thing you can do, is face the shit, look for what you've learned, thank it and release it. Scorpio is a water sign so allow for tears to be shed over the parts of you that lost their innocence. The parts of you that were abused whether from yourself or from others. Tears, water, are cleansing. Don't hold back the water. Cry and release so you can transmute. This is the magic of alchemy.

A tree starts as a sapling. Other trees might overshade it and it might struggle to get its own sun, it may grow crooked to get it. It eventually gets leaves and provides its own shade, provides a home to birds, squirrels, worms, spiders while enriching that soil. It takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, in perfect balance of it's earth mother source energy... it is in harmony with the beautif

ul earth energy as it stands. It records what it sees.

It can have a premature death from plague, fire, a logger or from lightning, we can't control fate.. so for whatever reason, the tree dies. It decays, providing food for bacteria and returns to the soil from which it came. That is what Scorpio season is...

If the leaves stayed on the trees, the pores would clog and the tree would suffocate.

We have to go through many deaths to become refined and find deeper meaning. Scorpio is deep, it's the underworld, Hades, hell if you like. We must face our demons. You can only ignore them for so long they will always resurface until you face them square on and move through them.

We are always going through various deaths. There is a death of the day when the sun goes down and makes way for the moon to shine. There is the death of the night when the sun arises and the moon goes to sleep.

The Person Tree from

Death is not something to fear, it is part of life, you can't be killed - your energy is infinite and will be born again into a new body. You have had many, many many lifetimes! Scorpio is about life cycles, death and rebirth. I repeat "AND REBIRTH." It's not over. The caterpillar "dies" and is reborn light and beautiful, and can see its world from the air now!

There are deaths of former versions of yourself. The energy of this day; 11 invites you to release shackles whether from your mental plane or from allowing the energy of others to have too much influence or control over you (ie parents, teachers, spouse, family etc etc) and walk freely between the worlds. ASK FOR MESSAGES AND SIGNS FROM YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES!!!!

YOU HAVE a whole bunch of spirit guides. Some have been with you for many lifetimes. Some come and go depending on your focus and interests. Children who suffered trauma get a second one, I see/feel them when I sit with clients, they show their presence to me. It is nothing to fear or be ashamed of, it is your individual life story, you are you and no one can take away your story.

The 1 is always a new beginning. The first of the month, the first in line, always 'breaks the seal'

signaling if it's safe for others to follow. Others watch and see if it feels ok for them too. Everyone has to be responsible for their own journey.

So 11/1 is a time for PRAYER, FOR MEDITATION, FOR CHANTING, FOR CONNECTING TO YOUR HIGHER POWER. The 7 is a number of angels. EArth has been through very trying times but nothing is new, it's all cyclic. Different level of development, same basic cycles between control, greed and fear or freedom, compassion and love.

You always have free choice. If you give up your choice, you chose that. Not choosing is a choice. Being passive means choosing to not choose and let others choose for you. That is extremely dangerous and denying your soul's growth... but you will get the same patterns over and over until you say IM GOING TO STOP THIS PATTERN.

Life is amazing; it's filled with lessons and the secret is coming home into your heart, making the vertical connection (spiritual) and knowing that you are fkin infinite, powerful and free. Make the choice and the declaration. I AM POWERFUL, I AM STRONG, I AM INFINITE. I AM LOVE, AND I AM LOVED.

You'll get chills, or another way of knowing this is your truth.

When you get sick - Ive been sick since Monday - it means you are clearing the deck of old energy, and getting ready to embrace a clear new beginning. It's a temporary inconvenience to face and get through. I have wonderful medicinal tea from a client of mine and a supportive circle! I gave myself a gong sound bath and chanted Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Om Mani Padmi Hum. It felt beautiful.

AND if you made it to the end, BONUS POINTS. I am opening another office in Falconer! Yep! What better timing - made the call to confirm it today. I am a Scorpio rising. Mars is is in Scorpio and will conjunct the sun.... both my rulers (Mars is ancient ruler of Scorpio, Sun rules Leo) - Im going through a major life clearing and gonna super level up.

Ready ready ready ready READY READY READY READY!!!!!

Consider the energy of alchemy in this post and AFFIRM that you are ready to make stronger spiritual connections - and ASK for guidance!!!!!!

Be still enough to receive the loving glow that will light the way, and help you find the strength for an amazing comeback once you're done grieving what cannot be changed. Emerge like the Phoenix!

With great love, you're gonna make it!


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