Gift Certificates

Self-care is SO important, yet most people feel guilty spending money on their self.

That's why a gift certificate for a healing session is the perfect thing to give to that special someone. Do it for them, because we all NEED a little down time to decompress.

Who wouldn't love a gift of self-care? :)

A deep energy healing session helps shuck off the weight, stress, tension and heaviness that daily life and negative people/situations rack up and accumulate in our minds and our energy fields. 

They will leave feeling SO much lighter, happier and refreshed; and will thank you for a long time to come!

You can choose if you'd like to give a reading session, a healing session or a combination.

Or if you prefer, choose a dollar amount and let your recipient decide how they would like to spend it.


This certificate can also be used towards store merchandise at Good for the Spirit Gifts! 


You can't go wrong! 

The certificate will resemble the example you see here.

You can choose to receive it via email, or we can send it anywhere via USPS. 

Suzy Woo Healer Gift Certificate