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Gift Certificates

Self-care is SO important! 

That's why a gift certificate is the perfect gift for the person who won't spend money on themself. Or for the person who loves a spa day, this goes deeper. :)

Do it for them, because we all NEED a little 'me time' away from our circle, to get back in touch with ourselves on a deeper soul level. If someone is struggling with the loss of a loved human or pet, this can provide validation that those departed loved ones are still there.

Who wouldn't love a gift of self-care? :)

Your recipient will feel SO much better; and will thank you for a long time to come!

You can choose the dollar amount of a service, or select the denomination that fits your budget. Any amount can be used towards any service if it doesn't quite cover the total cost.


These can be used towards any of Suzy Woo's workshops, classes or retreats.


The gift certificate will resemble the example you see here, and will be sent to you via email.

GIFT IDEA! Get a document frame (you can get a basic one for less than $2 at the dollar store), print the gift certificate on nice photo paper, and place it in the frame for gifting!

Suzy Woo Psychic Astrology Reading Healing Gift Certificate
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