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2024: Your Year Ahead Special

2024 will be a game changer.

There are BIG changes happening for 2024 and our lives, our world won't be the same. How is it going to impact YOU?

Astology is cosmic weather. It serves as a map to help you navigate time. Learning the energies of the year in advance can help you know best times to move, ask for a raise, conceive, etc. Knowledge is power!

I've brought back my special year ahead offer! How wonderful to get a peek into the energies of the new year and understand how it can impact you. You can download and keep the report to read as often as you wish!

You can choose from two options:

Year Ahead Report only.   $22

Personalized for your specific birthday, time and location, this is a computer-generated report (about 17 pages long). It will explain what types of shifts you can expect during the year and ways that you may be impacted by them in both smaller and larger cycles (things that you'll feel for a few weeks vs something that will be overarching for several months or even all year).

No two reports will be the same, since it is created based on YOUR personal birth information. See what influences will be most prevalent for you in 2024.

Turn-around time is within 36 hours.

Report with Mini Reading by Suzy Woo. $50

You get the computer-generated report, approximately 17 pages long, describing all the major aspects of the year for you personally, PLUS:

I will analyze your chart for the year, and provide a written message via email; explaining the over-arching theme for the year, key points and hot topics or areas of life that will be chiefly impacted, along with specific date ranges of major influence. Turn-around time is within 3 days (72 hours).

BE SURE TO INCLUDE: Your birth day, month, year, TIME, and location (unless you're an existing client and I already have your chart).

Questions before ordering? Email me at

Buy one as a holiday or birthday gift!

Terms:  This is a digital report, a file for your to read and can download. All sales are final and no refunds will be given. 

Is there a move in my future?
Will I meet someone?
Questions about my parents/family
Should I launch my own business?
I'm worried about my health.
How will I do financially?
Best times for conception? 


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