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2023: Your Year Ahead Special

I've brought back my special year ahead offer, (at the same bargain price) and added two nice extra options for you, if you'd like to go a little deeper.


How wonderful to get a peek into the energies of the new year and understand how it can impact you; overall or more detailed, your call!

You can choose from:

Report only.

A computer-generated report (about 17 pages long, including the 'legend' how to read it). It will explain what astrological shifts you can expect during the year and how that might express itself.  This is the same exact report offered last year, but it will be entirely different for the new year since we have planets changing signs, they will be speaking to your personal chart in very different ways. See what influences will be most prevalent for you in 2023. Turn-around time is within 36 hours.

Report with Mini Reading.

You get the computer-generated report, PLUS:

I will personally look at your chart, and provide a written report; explaining key points for the next year and an analysis of hot topics or areas of life that will be chiefly impacted.  Turn-around time is within 3 days.

Report with Detailed Reading.

You get the computer-generated report, PLUS:

I will personally read your chart using at least 3 techniques, and provide a written, detailed report including: What area of life the year will be focused on, and how that may look for you. Additionally, it will explain how you can work WITH these energies for optimum strength to get you where you want to go. It will include important changes and likelihood of what, and when, along with insight from my guidance.  Turn-around time is within 5 days.

BE SURE TO INCLUDE: Your birth day, month, year, TIME, and location (unless you're an existing client and I already have your chart).

Questions before ordering? Email me at

Is there a move in my future?
Will I meet someone?
Questions about my parents/family
Should I launch my own business?
Will I get divorced?
Will I get married next year?
I'm worried about my health.
How will I do financially?
Best times for conception? 


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