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Rev. Suzanne Suchan is a holistic practitioner specializing in happiness.


Why are most people pissy, angry, depressed and sick?

Imagine you're building an energy sandwich:

The bottom bread:  Dysfunctional households, words never expressed, a lack of personal security, secret fears, not feeling loved or wanted, feelings of not belonging, abandonment

The sandwich filling: going out into the world trying to prove your worth, feeling like you are always falling short of the world's expectation of you, toxic relationships, inability to stand up for one's self, looking for love, success and happiness OUT THERE.

The top bread: a fast-paced, fear-based society with constant pressure to hold it all together and not show emotion.


causes so much stress that it makes people ill and energetically fragmented.

As little as one appointment can bring you so much clarity, and arm you with tools to clear away the mental and energetic 'pollution' 

tional families create mental and energetic 'pollution' that gets us further and further away from our purpose. One appointment can bring you so much awakening that you feel a renewed sense of purpose, a new permission slip to live freely as your unfiltered, uncovered, authentic self!

n intuitive who helps people to rediscover their joy.

She has a bright, uplifting energy that people love to be around.  

Drop the drama                                           Reclaim your power

Break unwanted patterns                        Love yourself

Dissolve negative self-talk                        Boost your self-esteem 

Quiet the mind                                            Grow confidence

Minimize chaos                                            Manifest the life you want

Suzanne is a compassionate soul who helps you rediscover who you are at the core; and how to LOVE that person.  You will love working with this caring, fun and powerful healer!


The time you spend with Suzanne will be life-changing. You will see yourself differently. You will gain a new understanding about yourself - the person you are, your motivations, strengths, as well as your fears and how to work through them to become empowered and confident. You will connect to your soul and learn how to live in alignment, bringing harmony to your life like never before!

All sessions are by appointment only

Office location: 3623 Eggert Road, Suite 203, Orchard Park 14127  (off Rte 277 near Milestrip)

Sessions available via Skype, phone or email - where you will receive the same dedicated attention.

Certifications, Accreditations & Affiliations

What do clients say?

"I love her enthusiasm"    "so easy to talk to"   "speaks from the heart"   "knows what she's talking about"   "I play the recording to everyone I know because you were so accurate"  "spot on!"  "gifted"  "kind"   "fun"  "Worth every penny!"  "informative"  "I love her energy!"

Office visits by appointment only: 

3623 Eggert Road, Orchard Park NY 14127



Suzanne was a 22-year victim of domestic violence who 
became an  award-winning woman of influence.
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