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Spiritual Healing Certification Program  

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At long last, it's ready!  You can become an amazing healer, ready to hang your own shingle in a matter of months!  The opportunity to learn how to do remarkable readings and super powerful energy healing in a fun, supportive, light-hearted and comfortable way is here!

This is a certification program that gives you the opportunity to work alongside of Suzy in Ellicottville; and to potentially have your own space at our future healing center in the mountains!


This certification course is designed to walk you through progressive levels of understanding energy and spirituality, and how to work with them professionally and as a lifestyle. It will grow, deepen, strengthen and enrich your spiritual and psychic abilities. The end result is being to trust yourself WAY more, worry less, and be able to use infinite energy to help and heal yourself and others.

Pre-requisites:  A kind heart, and a general understanding of the chakra system.

The Curriculum

Below is a generalized outline of the course.

Level One:  Foundations


Module 1.  Fundamentals: Establishing a Strong Foundation


Spirituality - Historically, Culturally, Globally

Natural, Cosmic and other Laws

Getting right with yourself

Working through fears and insecurities from past lives and childhood

Module 2 – Psychic development and application

The physical body; the systems of the body and the subtle energy bodies

Perceiving and deciphering subtle energy

Module 3 – Spiritual understanding and development

Your gifts, Your guides, learning healthy discernment


Module 4 – Putting it all together: Combining Psychic and Spiritual ability and applying your new skills

A guide to live as a WHOLE, present, conscious, connected and aware person.

How to live a more focused, less distracted life.



Level Two – Blast Off: Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere.

Busting Out of the Time/Space Continuum

Module 1. Dimensions and Timelines

Module 2. Human Multidimensionality, Life Cycles and Past Lives

DNA, Akashic Records, Journeying

Module 3. Angels, Archangels, Gods, Ascended Masters

Module 4. Working with the 7 Rays

Module 5. Unicorns, Dragons, Elementals, Fae, Extra Terrestrials

Module 6. Resonant Energy Healing – Shape, Sound, Vibratory

Module 7. Quantum Mechanics and Holographic Universe



Level Three Powerful Healing 


Module 1. Listening. Languages of Spirit

Dreams, Numerology, Synchronicity, Air pressure


Module 2. Quantum Mechanics – how to impact matter

Module 3. Healing People, Pets and Property

Module 4. How to conduct a complete healing session and best practices


Level FOUR- Self-Mastery and Practitioner Certification 


Module 1. Self-Mastery. Where life gets REALLY good! Co-creating with the universe all the time

Blending with the universe

Creating your life on purpose

Go straight and fast to where the answers are

Life works for you and you flow with it

High-Power Manifesting

Shifting to a love-based life, living, lifestyle

Module 2.  In-person two-day training finale, Healing Practitioner Certification and Ceremony

Q: If you are not local, and/or can't come to New York for 2 days, we have an alternative option for graduation.

Administration:  This program is a FOUR MONTH COURSE conducted live online via Zoom, once a week for 2 hours. If you are unable to attend live, you will have access to all recordings.

At the end of each Level, an evaluation is given to measure your understanding of the information.

A passing grade of 85% or better is required to move on to the next Level.

The final level concludes with a two-day in-person training with Suzy in or near Ellicottville New York. Though very strongly encouraged, if you simply cannot attend in person, we will work it out.

  You will have lifetime access to ALL recordings 

Bonus Workshops:  Creating a spiritual, heart-based business

How to Manifest Using Moon Cycles

Valued at $375 - Yours FREE for being part of this Pilot Launch!

This is a Pilot Training Course; and pricing is an introductory offer, because it's new. 


This course will change your entire life. 

When you receive your Certification, you will be able to:

  • Perform energy healing safely and efficiently

  • Be able to tell someone what you do and how it works, and not stumble on your words

  • Feel confident about yourself and what you do

  • Feel a huge sense of fulfillment, purpose and life satisfaction

  • Be very proud of yourself

  • Understand yourself (and others) at a previously unrealized level

  • Love your life, all the time

  • Launch your own practice 

  • Set your own schedule

  • Become totally independent

  • Walk away from the job you hate!

  • Get back your precious TIME! No more 40, 50 60-hour work weeks, running you to the point of exhaustion!

  • Be able to be more available for your life and your loved ones.

  • Live in a way that feels amazing, doing what you love, and being paid well to do it.

  • Get away from the toxic health care environment, to do what you KNOW is good and works for true wellness and no longer supporting an illness health model!

How much is that kind of freedom and empowerment worth?

If these modules were taught independently, we would be looking at: 

Course value of all modules             $3889

Bonus workshops                                $375


             Total Value       $4264


Just for this initial launch, I'm lowering this course to $1350.  

If you pay in full, you'll be able to save yourself $250 and get the

whole course plus the bonuses for only $1100 


Alternatively, you can get in now and pay 4 equal payments of $338



 We've just begun -  take advantage of this opportunity to learn with Suzy live, get your spiritual abilities super-activated and learn how to read, and understand the language of Spirit, and so much more. Watch your confidence SOAR! 

The next time this course will be offered is 2024.

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Suzy Woo in Cleveland
Energy Healing Certification Course with Suzy Woo
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suzy woo healers certification course
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Suzy Woo Certification Program
This calls to me. I'm ready!

YES! Register now!

Select an item

Need a different payment option? Email me. I will work with you, I want No Healer Left Behind!

Two Hour Instruction Sessions are held live every Wednesday at 4pm online via Zoom

Look deep inside your heart, strengthen your intuition to know the answers to your burning questions at any given time. 

People are still joining us, it's not too late. The feedback has been AMAZING and those taking the course are having HUGE awakenings and activations, more psychic sensitivity and a deeper knowing of the SELF. WOW!!    Don't wait, with Saturn going into Pisces for the next 3 years, the world  NEEDS YOU NOW. 


There may be a couple of shifts due to schedules/holidays.

All sessions will be recorded. You will have lifetime access to all the content.

What questions do you have?

email me at to ask anything about this course!

Want to help others?

Sick of being undervalued at your work?

Lock in your security, your future, your happiness, and your FREEDOM now!


You are on the way to becoming a professional energy healer!

Can you imagine how great it will feel to get that Certification? Can you feel it already? Are you smiling? Is your heart thumping harder? Is that a smile?

Then YOU are who I wrote this for.

It's finally becoming YOUR reality, Congratulations!


The universe is calling. Will you pick up?

If it calls to you, if you feel it in your heart,
if you KNOW in your gut, don't wait another day.
This is YOUR SIGN.

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