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Spiritual Healer Certification Program

Earlybird pricing extended thru November 30!

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You can become an amazing healer, in a matter of months!  The opportunity to learn how to do remarkable energetic readings and super powerful energy healing in a fun, supportive, light-hearted and comfortable way is here! The complexity is taken out of it and you learn from the ground up!

This is a 16-week certification program like no other, that gives you access to your own unlimited power, infinite energy, connected more powerfully then ever before. Graduates have the opportunity to work alongside of Suzy in Ellicottville; and to potentially have your own space at our future healing center!


This certification course is designed to walk you through progressive levels of understanding energy, dimensionality and working with multiple levels of consciousness. You will learn how to work with your intuition and guides on a daily basis, professionally and as a lifestyle. Your spiritual connection will grow, deepen, strengthen and enrich your psychic and intuitive abilities. The end result is being to trust yourself WAY more, worry less, and be able to use infinite energy to help and heal yourself and others in a multitide of ways.

100% of Suzy's graduates have been shocked to see the proof of what they are doing! 

Pre-requisites:  An open mind, and a kind heart.

Content Includes:


Fundamentals: Establishing a Strong Foundation

Spirituality - Historically, Culturally, Globally

Getting right with yourself

Working through fears and insecurities from past lives and childhood

The physical body; the systems of the body and the subtle energy bodies

Perceiving and deciphering subtle energy

Your gifts, Your guides, learning healthy discernment

Putting it all together: Combining Psychic and Spiritual ability and applying your new skills

A guide to live as a WHOLE, present, conscious, connected and aware person.

How to live a more focused, less distracted life.


Leaving Earth’s Atmosphere. Busting Out of the Time/Space Continuum

Dimensions and Timelines

DNA, Akashic Records, Journeying

Angels, Archangels, Gods, Ascended Masters

Resonant Energy Healing – Shape, Sound, Vibratory

Quantum Mechanics and Holographic Universe


You will receive LIVE (even if you're watching the recording) channeled energy activations that will ignite your abilities and help accelerate your spiritual understanding! This is far far BEYOND Reiki.

Powerful Healing 

Listening. Languages of Spirit

Dreams, Numerology, Synchronicity, Air pressure

Quantum Mechanics – how to impact matter

Healing People, Pets and Property

How to conduct a complete healing session and best practices

Self-Mastery. Where life gets REALLY good! Co-creating with the universe all the time

Blending with the universe

Creating your life on purpose

Life works for you and you flow with it

Shifting to a love-based life, living, lifestyle

BONUS: In-person day of training and Graduation!

If you are not local, or can't come to Graduation Day, we will happily mail your binder of materials and Certification.

Administration:  This program is a 16 WEEK COURSE conducted live online via Zoom, once a week for 2 hours. If you are unable to attend live, you will receive the replay and the slides each week via email.

The final level concludes with an in-person training day with Suzy in or near Ellicottville New York. Though attendance is strongly encouraged, if you simply cannot attend in person, it's okay.

You will have lifetime access to ALL recordings 

This course will change your entire life. 

When you receive your Certification, you will be able to:

  • Launch your own practice
  • Set your own schedule
  • Become totally independent $

  • Walk away from the job you hate!

  • Get back your precious TIME! No more 40, 50 60-hour work weeks, running you to the point of exhaustion!

  • Understand yourself (and others) at a previously unrealized level

  • Be able to be more available for your life and your loved ones.

  • Live in a way that feels amazing, doing what you love, and being paid well to do it.

  • Get away from the toxic health care environment, to do what you KNOW is good and works for true wellness and no longer supporting an illness-based health model!

  • Earn a wonderful income and work less hours.

  • Perform energy healing safely and efficiently

  • Be able to tell someone what you do, and how it works, and not stumble on your words!

  • Feel confident about yourself and what you do

  • Feel a huge sense of fulfillment, purpose and life satisfaction

  • Be super proud of yourself

  • Love your life, all the time

How much is that kind of freedom and empowerment worth?

Register by the end of the month and get it for $1350

The regular price of $1550 is effective December 1st, 2023.

If you pay in full, you'll be able to save yourself $250 and get the

whole course for only $1100 (thru 11/30/23)

Suzy Woo in Cleveland
Energy Healing Certification Course with Suzy Woo
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Energy Healing Certification
This feels like the perfect thing for me;
I want to learn how to heal people, and see exactly how this works!

YES! Register now!

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email me at to ask anything about this course!

Want to help others?

Sick of being undervalued at your work?

Lock in your security, your future, your happiness, and your FREEDOM now!


You are on the way to becoming a professional energy healer!

Can you imagine how great it will feel to get that Certification? Can you feel it already? Are you smiling? Is your heart beating faster? Is that a smile?

Then YOU are who this course is for.

It's finally becoming YOUR reality, Congratulations!

The universe is calling. Will you pick up?

If it calls to you, if you feel it in your heart,
if you KNOW in your gut, Register now.

This is what you've been asking for.

Yes, this is your sign from the Universe.

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