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Lion's Gate Spiritual Retreat   
Aug 11-13, 2023

A life-changing retreat for deep healing and spiritual growth.

The "Lion's Gate portal" is a term used to describe a cosmic alignment that occurs when Sirius aligns with Orion's Belt which also aligns with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza.


It occurs when the sun is traveling through the astrological constellation of Leo, which rules the heart, peaking on 8/8. Of course there is also the numerology and symbology of the infinity 8 and 8/8.

During this approximately 2 week span, we receive tremendous energies from the cosmos to help us connect with our own higher self, transform our energies to that of a higher frequency, become powerfully heart centered, while being divinely connected.

Do you need to be here?

Ticket sales CLOSE July 30.


Stuck?  Sick of... everyone and everything?  Need help moving forward?  Need to re-center?  Ready to rediscover yourself? Want to get your colors back? Gain confidence!  Ready for something amazing!?



What is it?


This is a 2-1/2 day where time stands still. You are invited to walk away from everything; and get ready to shed an entire lifetime of dead weight that you've been shouldering all these years. This weight of guilt, or shame, or a lack of self-worth, or fear to move forward, has held you back long enough. It's time to say what you have to say, stand in your truth and allow yourself to SHINE! It's time to shed away all that you became CONDITIONED to be, and step in to that amazing being that you were CREATED to be!  

You'll be able to decompress, breathe, and connect with yourself AT SOUL LEVEL. You'll re-emerge having re-examined your life, and assume a more powerful role in your own life. This will open you up to pursue the life you desire, to have WAY more joy, WAY more life satisfaction, and WAY more prosperity in all areas! 

It is an experiential, "mixed-media" weekend - you're not sitting through lectures! Imagine the interactive exhibits of a Science Museum - it's like that but with crystals, crystal carvings, singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, crystal tuning forks, a foot bowl, and other spiritual wellness tools! You get to touch them, you'll learn how to use them and experience them first-hand!  Well over $25,000 of energy tools at your fingertips!

With a little guidance, you will learn how to feel crystal energy, you'll learn how to CALM YOUR MIND (yes, really!). You will connect with your "higher self," you will meet your spirit guides, you'll warm up and amp up your psychic abilities, and receive endless validation of who you truly are all weekend.

How wonderful to have time when you're not distracted by stress and the people you are always tending to. Break away just for one weekend.  Do it FOR YOU!


Is it for you?

This event is for people who are tired, blah, depressed, heavy, exhausted, and ready for change. For those who are always giving and never receiving. It is for those who struggle with confidence, life direction, realizing their purpose and/or feeling stagnant. It's also for caretakers. For all kind people who want to finally focus on who they really are and find out how to carve out a life they absolutely love.

There is absolutely no experience necessary, just have an open mind, get ready to be vulnerable, be ready to stretch out of your comfort zone, and we will take care of all the rest. You will leave empowered. Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and be proud.

What is it NOT?

It is not a weekend of pampering, sweet fancy drinks and spa treatments. No booze, no partying. This is real transformation.


This is raw and real, expect plenty of tears. Expect to fall apart, because something AMAZING is ready to fall together. This is about awakening to yourself and taking control of your life.

Your future self THANKS YOU

It is an event you will thank yourself for attending for the rest of your life. It is a pinnacle game-changer. It's time to realize your own brilliance and how to use your natural abilities it to go where you want in life.

There has not been a single person who has attended and regretted it. We become family. And we can stay in touch and grow together. It's for those who are seeking, on a spiritual journey and want to understand 'how it works.'

THE ONLY DECISION IS ... do you want a single or a double room?

The whole weekend's materials, all meals, and 2 nights lodging are rolled into one ticket price. You don't need to worry about anything! All dietary needs will be accommodated.

Can't stay overnight?

If you want to attend but are unable to stay overnight, there is a commuter's ticket option. If you are feeling drawn, don't deny this opportunity. It only happens once a year. This is what you've been waiting for.  Don't let yourself miss out.

Who is this for? 

This event is open to all who have an open mind.

It's for those who want to understand how to co-create with, and become part of, the flow of the universe to manifest an amazing, happy, fulfilling life, rather than being a victim of it. 

It's for those who are seeking 'MORE' out of life, including realizing your bigger calling/life purpose.

It's for those truly ready for a positive change to lifestyle and overall approach to life.

It's for the curious who want to understand how it all works.

It's for those seeking healing on any level. It's for those who want to experience a cacao ceremony, a gong bath, touch a crystal skull, or any other wonderful aspects of this magnificent event!

If you need help with forgiveness for yourself or others, it's for you. If you're ready to allow more peace and stillness into your life, sign up!

It's for individuals, couples, groups, friends, families, and every walk of life!  As long as you are open-minded, you will experience BIG SHIFTS!  

This event is for people who consider themselves to be kind.

It's for those who want BIG SIGNS from their spirit guides and those who want to increase their psychic abilities. This is for spiritual development and spiritual growth as well as BIG TIME HEALING!

This event is for you if you made it this far!  

If you are looking for new friends from all over the place, this is it!  If you can't get out of your head, have a hard time meditating, struggle with being present, THIS WILL HELP!

If you are looking for a place to discuss the synchronicities and visions without judgment, you're not crazy, and we are your people!

Who is this NOT for?
This event is NOT for people with hard, fixed expectations and no desire for change.

If your mind is made up that you know all there is to know, it's not for you.

If you don't believe there is more to life than the physical experience, it's definitely not for you.

If you're super judgy towards others - please stay home.


You will go back home spiritually evolved, more energetic and love-centered.

* Your fears will melt away (or be significantly minimized). Your perspective will shift for the WAY better.

* You will have a truthful honest understanding of your place in this world at this moment and enter a state of love for yourself at cellular and soul level.

* Increased centeredness, becoming more grounded, increased peace and calm in your life.

* You'll feel lighter, brighter and will approach life with more ease! 

*It will be a VISIBLE difference in you!

Additional Benefits:

Awareness of some past life experiences and a peek at your Akashic records.

-New like-minded friends.  A social media group to stay connected.

-You will receive lots of deep energy healing and gain an understanding how to initiate healing for yourself and others.

-You will have a much deeper understanding of your wounds from an objective standpoint - we will be working together to get to the root of the innermost fears and wounding, then heal and release them.

Just some of what you will experience:
Energetic cleansing, deep healing, greater awakening, and powerful frequency upgrades.

Sound bath with Gongs, Singing bowls and other sound healing tools


For ages 16+  Our attendees have ranged from 17 to 72 years of age!

Lion's Gate Retreat Suzy Woo
Holiday VAlley is our new hosting location
Make new friends on their spiritual path
Cacao Ceremony with Suzy Woo
Titus the Crystal Skull

- Miraculous Healing
- Incredible Insights 
- Absolute Activations
- Undeniable Spiritual Connection/Messages
- Blast open and strengthen your psychic sensitivity
- Understand why, and learn how, to trust yourself more
- Learn the method how to be a manifestor
- Leave 3D behind, and re-emerge!


Sound Immersion with Gongs and Singing bowls
Activated Crystal Skul
ls that you can touch and hold
Feel a properly and powerfully gridded healing space all weekend!
Opportunity to experience a meditation pyramid
Meet cool, down to earth, spiritual people
 just like you!

Meet, experience, and receive downloads from several highly activated crystal skulls, including 49-pound hollow quartz and chlorite skull 'Titus' (r,photo. Titus (larger skull on the right) was imprinted by Einstein the Crystal Skull (the skull on the left). Click photo for the story.)

Connect with world's Grand Master Carver, Leandro deSouza's 'One Love' Lemurian Citrine dragon and skull carving (photo, lower right),

Interactive, Experiential Experience

Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony
Multiple Healing Modalities for you all weekend!

Frequency Upgrade/DNA Activation

Light Body Activation

'Good Vibe' bag of goodies to keep and take home!

a Life-Changing experience!

Titus Crystal Skull
One Love Leandro crystal carving

All Inclusive, Pay One Price.

Ticketing closes July 30th

The Full Experience Bundled Package 

August 11-13, 2023    
Friday 6-10pm | Saturday 8am-10pm |  Sunday 8am-7pm

6pm Check in, Welcome Reception, Snacks (Note: There is no dinner Friday)
Opening Circle and Water ceremony, followed by a Powerful gong and sound healing

Friday night concludes around 10pm with a Group healing

Saturday and Sundaywe start with breakfast at 8am, lunch and dinner are included.
Saturday night we enjoy a Cacao Ceremony! 
Sunday we depart at 7pm

It's an action-packed weekend.
Expect deep transformation.

The Full Experience Includes
Full access to all sessions and activities Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Friday: Welcome reception, hors d'oeuvres, sound healing
Cacao Ceremony Saturday night
Includes lodging for Friday and Saturday

Includes all your food: Snacks Friday evening, Three delicious meals Saturday and Sunday
(Gluten-free, Vegan options, accommodat
ing to your dietary restrictions)


complete ticket price, per person

Single occupancy room:     $997
Double occupancy room* : $788
  *Double room means you share a room with another attendee.

 If you wish to room with a particular registrant please enter that person's name on your registration form,
       Otherwise, we will assign a room mate of the same gender identity (don't worry we are all amazing; we do not attract low vibe people!) 

Commuter Option:  Full experience with NO LODGING
Full Experience Commuter       $659

   Don't wait, we expect to be sold out well in advance.

Payment assistance is offered!  You can secure your seat right now with a $200 deposit, and have all the way until July 31st to pay it off!      Don't miss it!

How to save money:
1. Go with a friend and get a double occupancy room to save $209.
2. Got a friend in Ellicottville? See if you can stay with them and get the Commuter ticket to save $338.

3. If you have ever been a paying client for a private session, you get $100 off the full ticket experience! (not applicable for commuter) Use the code SuzysClientTYGift in the Coupon Code at checkout! 


Lions Gate Retreat make new friends
Suzy Woo Lion's Gate Spiritual Retreat
Experiment with sound healing tools like singing bowls
Lion's Gate Retreat at Holiday Valley
Suzy Woo's Lion's Gate Retreat

YES! This is for me!
Buy my ticket now!

Lions Gate Spiritual Retreat with Suzy Woo
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