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Energy Healing: Efficacy across time, space, and consciousness. A case study.

An energy healing session puts you in a state of serenity, calmness, and peacefulness. You barely feel your physical body, as your consciousness becomes aware of a kind, boundless and loving energy that fills and surrounds you with a beautiful, loving "buzz." SUPER IMPORTANT! If an energy practitioner is drained at the end of a healing session, that means they are either using their own energy, or taking on the energies of other sources; and thus unable to stay "tuned" to the healing energy frequency. That is very dangerous for their clients.

The role of a healer is to be a channel, not the source.

I have done a full day of back to back healing sessions; and since "I am the pipe and not the water," I don't tire. At the end of a long day I am still really energized. With each session I facilitate, I receive healing energy.

This amazing frequency can be felt, point to point, anywhere on the planet. There are no barriers, even when the client is not conscious!

I had a remote session scheduled with a client on the west coast. I am on the east coast. We had made a prior arrangement that once I completed the session, I would email a summary of my findings, along with what I did.

We had made a mistake coordinating across time zones. My client was sleeping when I facilitated the healing session. I wanted to share part of our exchange, to demonstrate my client's perceptions as I was working in her energy field as she dreamt, and how it carried into her awareness in a waking state.

Suzanne: The energy in your third eye chakra was feeling trapped. It had ice bars like an ice prison going around the perimeter and you were limited in what you could see from it. I broke you free and filled it with your essence; re-establishing the understanding of your consciousess with your intuition; so you know that you can trust it, for it is the ultimate truth, it is your higher self. There was some energy behind your right shoulder that felt a little controlling - I shrank that down and dropped it down a hole in a smoky quartz pyramid. :) there it gets recycled for good.

LLW (Client): I was sound asleep throughout! I work very late & was still knocked out. HOWEVER... W O W. I woke up feeling very restless & energised. What's funny is you mention the ice bars/ice prison; I was dreaming that I was trapped in an icy chasm full of icy teeth, but you must have been working on me because I saw myself becoming very warm & melting the teeth away so they could no longer keep me trapped!

I laughed at the controlling energy behind my right shoulder; I had a painful abscess removed from that exact area recently that just refused to heal. That has GOT to be the energy I was clinging to.

I am now wide awake & shaking (vibrating?) with energy, my entire body is thrilling. I feel like I woke up from a refreshing night's sleep! I will definitely need to rest later, but I am so greatly looking forward to the already apparent effects of this enormous cleansing! THANK YOU! You are MAGNIFICENT!

Tips in choosing an energy healing practitioner:

1. Do your homework.

Check references, look for reviews. Google their name.

Unfortunately I have heard many horror stories of people who had an energy healing and came away feeling worse, because the healer was was inexperienced, using their own energy or just not in a good space to be doing this type of work.

2. Ask questions to see if they know what they are talking about.

Ask how they do what they do, "how does it work?" see if they know what they are talking about! If a surgeon can't tell you what they will do and why, or doesn't know the right tools to use, would you let them touch you, especially when you're unconscious!?

This is your energy, your life, your well-being! It's very important! They are a Healing Practitioner - they must know their field - or "no scalpel for you!" It's one thing to feel a little anxious or nervous over booking a healing session for the first time. I mean, it's something you can't see, it might feel a little woo-woo or 'out there.' But if you have a feeling in your gut that the person is not confident in their own ability, doesn't understand what they 're doing and can't explain it to you in a way that you can understand, or the person's energy doesn't feel in alignment with you, trust what your instincts are telling you, that's why you have that little voice.


An energy healing is something that every human in modern society can benefit from, because none of us were raised with 100% nurturing, love, support nor have a perfect balance of confidence, a healthy sense of self, creativity, willpower, self-love, trusting one's self, you follow me.

I want you to know that YOU are a DIVINE being. It is time to treat yourself as such. I can help by getting you reconnected with the beautiful essence that you are. What my energy healings do, is shed off who you were CONDITIONED TO BE.

I break away decades of heaviness and talking down to yourself from conditions of old subconscious programs (your parents/caregivers/environment when you were in passive and learning mode >5 years old) and reconnect you to who you were CREATED TO BE.

An energy healing is like getting a new lease on life, it uplifts you, recharges your battery, helps reframe everything, and not dilly dally in superficial garbage anymore, among lots of other benefits, which I will address in separate articles. Please find and follow me on Facebook @SuzanneSuchanHealing and I do invite you to Google my name! "Suzanne Suchan" and check my reviews. :)

With deep gratitude and undying love, I thank you.


Choosing a healing practitioner
Energy healing: What should it do, and tips how to choose a healing practitioner


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