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How You Can Best Help Others

Q: How can you help others? A: By helping yourself.

When you truly understand that you ARE creator energy, and allow yourself to be WORTHY enough to receive that; meaning you EMBODY it, then your ENTIRE WORLD CHANGES! The world around you will open its arms to love you back! More kind and loving people will begin to appear in your life! If you need help finding that space, that's why I do what I do.

Since learning to love myself, I never get angry anymore. I am open to learn, to be curious, to have an open mind, to seek to understand.

When you run up against what feels like an opposing force and you notice a negative reaction like anger, shame, guilt, triggering, step out of the scene for a moment and ask "What is this trying to show me? How can I learn from this?" BE OPEN. Of course if you are in immediate danger, don't stick around- you have to protect yourself I'm not talking about that far of an extreme. I mean people who say things that hurt, whether intentional or not.

Anger is a very low level of consciousness that leads to accidents... when you were a kid, how many times did a parent or teacher lose their shit on you and then hurt themself? or yourself as a parent or teacher and feeling out of control and you lose your shit on someone else? Exactly.

You are not BAD or WRONG. You simply ARE! You are where you are, navigating your life, learning what hurts, and you have to discern if the pain holds ANY truth, or is it an illusion to a previous state of being when you felt less than?

I see you, I love you. Hugs from my multidimensional self!

Before you focus on loss, voids, worrying about all the relationships that didn't go in your favor for whatever reason.... try to find the silver lining. What lessons did you learn? How much better of a person are you now because of it? What did it show you about yourself? Getting fired or broken up with, led you to exactly the next set of options where you get to make more conscious choices... bitter, or better?

Learn to choose better. CHOOSE LOVE. YOU ARE LOVE. I LOVE YOU. You are not a Hallmark commercialism anything, you are GOD. You are the UNIVERSE. You are a MIRACLE. Treat yourself as the SACRED being of infinite light that you ARE! #loveyourselffirst #youareloved #loveyou #loveyourselfchallenge #phoenixrising #scorpiorising #healing #consciousness #suzywoo #happinessandhealing #empowerment #youareamiracle #YouAreGod #ShareThisPost #hope #faith

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