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How to Feel Crystal Energy    

Friday, February 25th   from 4-7pm  (rescheduled from Fri, Feb 4th)

In person at Holiday Valley, Ellicottville  (Tamarack, enter at John Harvard restaurant)

and on Zoom.

You've bought the pretty crystals at the psychic fairs... but what the heck do you do with them?

Why were you drawn to them?  What do your favorite colors tell you about yourself? 

How do you connect with a crystal?  Do they really have healing properties? How can you tell? 

You will LOVE this super informative, proprietary workshop, How to Feel Crystal Energy

written and presented by Suzy Woo; lightworker, zero-point healer, crystal healing therapist, astrologer and psychic medium.

This is a  hands-on workshop.  We will be using 9 specific crystals. If you don't have crystals of your own, we've got you covered!  Choose Option 1 and we will mail you the exact crystals we will be using!

Fun and easy to understand. Everybody gets it! 


You'll understand your own body's way of communicating with you - You will impress yourself! 


You may discover one of your chakra centers are out of balance or even closed!  You'll be amazed to witness first hand how your body reacts to certain frequencies, and I will explain what it means for you.  


We will work through chakra system and have plenty of time for questions.  The workshop will conclude with a powerful cleansing meditation that will bring everyone into a fantastic state of harmony and balance!

TIP: If you are interested in learning about energy healing, this is a fantastic way to get started!

Option 1:  Workshop + crystals (Recommended and Best Deal)  $74

We will send you a set of the 9 crystals that we will use during the workshop, so you can follow along. Arrives in a butterfly organza pouch.  If you choose this option, please purchase early, so you receive the crystals in plenty of time before the workshop. Sent via USPS with tracking.  (You can search high and low, you won't find all 9 crystals anywhere for only $15!)

Option 2:  Workshop only  $59

Attend the workshop in person (I have enough crystals to circulate to all in person attendees, with the option to purchase) or online, where you can use your own crystals.   

If attending online, after purchasing, you will receive an email with the link to REGISTER for the class. Use the link in the registration confirmation email to join the workshop. If you cannot attend during the live workshop, a link to the recording will be sent to all paid participants the following day.   


1. Purchases are final. No exchanges or refunds will be given.

2. When purchasing, please verify that you are providing a valid postal address that can receive a 3x5 padded envelope.  All shipments sent via USPS, you will receive tracking. If you need expedited or an alternative shipping method, please email We are not responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.  No exchanges or refunds given.

3.  If you purchase the workshop as a gift, PLEASE SPECIFY this when purchasing. Please provide the name and email of the intended recipient. 


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