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Too much noise... retail madness

Too much noise. Too many emails with clickbait to land sales. Too many ads.

I just can't.

Yes I do have a retail business, but we already have very modest prices. I can't bring myself to go berserk like crazy Eddie to make you want to buy more, and get caught up in the sensationalism and commercialism ... it is against everything that I am.

People come to my store because they are called, or they are curious, or they need something and when they search 'crystals shop near me' they find us.

All I can say, is please support small businesses. That is another reason why I love Ellicottville, there are no big-box or chain retailers there. All modest, happy, hard working people who are passionate about what they offer.

I'm no different. My passion is to share knowledge to help people reclaim their own joy. To stop living according to what everyone told you that you are, to what everyone expects of you, if it's not in alignment with your belief system or lifestyle. I do this through one on one reading and healing sessions, and then to teach everything I know in workshops, classes, and retreats.

The store is to give you access to spiritual tools, to touch them before you decide, feel the energy, ask my employees questions, and learn. What I carry - I have over and over decided to not get too commercial with stuff and remind anyone of Spencer's Gifts and definitely not a head shop.

At Good for the Spirit Gifts, it's less about the show and more about the content. Less about glamour and more about quality, fair trade, ethical sourcing and purpose.

'We are like a Home Depot for the soul' is what I like to say. We have the tools to help you no matter where you are on your spiritual and/or healing journey.

My core theme is empowerment. I teach empowerment after having been powerless for most of my life - I finally got the pain out and the healing jumpstarted. I teach what I know, what works/worked for me, and like to measure and quantify everything too, provide proof that is measured, visible and palpable.

SHOP SMALL YOU are the only reason that a small business can be in business. Thank you for your time and love.

And thank you to my amazing employees it feels so good giving a job to two lovely ladies who love to be there. Dawn and Renee are amazing Virgos. Kind, sweet, sensitive and supportive. Bless their hearts! I get to do that because of you!

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