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Rise and Align Retreat Announced

I am bursting with excitement to finally announce Rise and Align Spiritual Retreat taking place at The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara August 22-24, where I will be your host, and will be joined by two INCREDIBLE souls:

Ingrid Auer is a channeler of Angels and Ascended Masters, publisher of channeled messages from Mary Magdeline, author and one of Europe's leading mediums. Ingrid is coming to us from Austria.

I met Ingrid at SoulTreat in Sedona a few months ago and immediately connected with her. I bought her channeled angel symbol deck and started to work with it in December. Since then, I use it for EVERY one of my clients and it is always 100% the exact situation or exactly what my client is in need of at that time! I used these cards at The Awakening retreat Jan 11th during the messages and group healing segment with astounding experiences and results!

BUT THERE'S MORE! We also have the honor of having Maya Boston, a gong bath immersion practitioner and light language channel as well having validated memories of past life experiences in Lemuria. Maya is coming to us from western Australia.

I met Maya at SoulTreat too, but when I saw ahead of time online for an event promotion, I knew I HAD TO ATTEND what she was offering and boy oh boy did I journey during her presentation! I bought one of her CD downloads at the event, and since then, bought everything she has out, and then ordered a personalized chanelled gong bath track, a super cool service she offers. I played one of her tracks during the cacao ceremony portion of the 1.11 Awakening event.

Now, I am SO SO honored to bring both of these amazing people here to share what upstate New York has to offer, for tham and all our global and national friends who choose to join this very powerful and transformational journey deep into the elements.

Saturday and Sunday we will be working long and hard getting to the bottom of who we are... once all is said and done, we will energetically detox, shed our skins, heal, grow and expand... we will upgrade and emerge. We will walk away forever changed, uplifted, brighter, composed and aligned, and the fire will be burning in our bellies with a bright, new zest for life. We will be turning you loose back to your homes as manifesting machines of abundance in all areas of your life! :)

Monday we will be taking on Niagara Falls NY USA itself, hiking, going to Cave of the Winds and on the Maid of the Mist boat to experience the tremendous rumbling power of one of the wonders of the world, up close!

Ticket packages will be published on 2.22.2020. SAVE THE DATES! WHAT A TREAT THIS WILL BE!

At the time of the retreat, we will be under the influence of a new moon in Leo, time to clear and make time for play, recognition, laughter and freedoms. At the time I am publishing this, it is minutes past the peak of the FULL MOON in LEO.

No coincidences. Are you on board?


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