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Happy Every Day... live with gratitude as your guiding light

Thanksgiving is not a holiday that I practice, it's a lifestyle that I have adopted.

It's called being thankful all the time.

Thankful for all the traumas that taught you what you're capable of. It's being thankful for the experiences that brought you wisdom, though it may have taken 2, 20, or 200 similar experiences before you finally 'get it.'

Most importantly, to me, it's being reflective, and thankful for all of the connections, the PEOPLE who either hurt you or helped you along the way and what you DO with those experiences. (Mastery is when you can still SINCERELY love someone who has hurt you because you respect the fact that they are made of the same stuff you are, expressed differently.)

I just can't muster it up to say 'happy thanksgiving' ... instead I say things like 'happy day' and 'happy every day' .. because for me it is a daily practice, it is a lifestyle. I find hundreds of reasons on a daily basis to be grateful, especially the miracle that life is, the perfection of the beauty of nature, and remember, YOU are nature!

No way can I support what the holiday was taught in school to represent because it stems from a corrupted narrative, just like teaching that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids. Right. But again, like I will ALWAYS SAY, each individual needs to GO WITHIN and tune in there. In that inner stillness, ask questions. What do YOUR ancestors send into your heart? Don't just believe stuff because someone tells you. That's not always going to be your truth. Everyone has had a different number of lifetimes and experiences.

If you bring yourself to a particular frequency (imagine going to 'nature' or 'God/the Universe' or 'the Ancestors' on your inner radio dial), you can meld with "outside" nature, you can have a full on exchange with a tree, a dog, a park, forest, any living waters, the sky, the grounds. There is so much life and infinite abundance around you that is putting on a display for you (have you ever seen an eagle land and sunbathe? or a deer looking back at you? or a family of animals together etc)..

And then you also have your non-physical support team... God/The Universe/ your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side, like an invisible cheerleading squad following you around at all times, hoping you'll ask for advice!

Try 'gratitude' as a lifestyle and not just because the Gregorian calendar tells you to do it today. BE LOVE. I love you my friends.

I am grateful for a day off to be with people, pets, and places that I love. Create YOUR own traditions, be authentic, do what feels right for you. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. #beauthentic #notafollower #whatthanksgivingistome #grateful #gratitude #belove #countyourblessings #countyourblessingsnotyourproblems #attitudeofgratitude


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