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A Mystic's Day Off Check In

I was worried that December was going to be slow.

Boy was I wrong. It's been my busiest month ever.

I find it fascinating that most clients of the past few weeks have Pisces/Neptunian/12th house energy and Aquarian/Uranus energy being currently activated.

It's been an honor to connect with people who feel so far removed, and help them understand who they are., while gently reconnecting them with their "home" energy.

It has been a month of soul family reunions.

Not so much being reunited with the spirit of drunken Uncle Rick, but with the soul's home, which could be a star, galaxy, universe, or other dimension altogether. It has been beautiful to witness.

We did presents at midnight last night, so this morning I had SO much fun having NO agenda! I had just bought a new orgonite disc from Lenny Revell, the world's most powerful orgonite device maker, and slept with it under my pillow top mattress. Amazing. I woke up with a huge smile. It was sunny, with the sun's golden rays peeping in with its always happy energy.

Lying there drinking it all in, my eyes went to my night stand, where there are, of course, crystals. I hung out with some of the new additions. Studying them, one at a time, as I held them in the sun's rays, studying their form, and connecting, communicating, in adoration. I placed them on my heart, my third eye, and felt their uplifting beautiful energy. I nodded back off for a few minutes. then switched crystals.

It was a fabulous experience. No rushing, no checking email or anything at all. My bed felt so comfy. I was just feeling soooo connected and grateful, feeling those sun's rays smiling warmth on me, and illuminating the same crystals it helped crate over thousands and millions of years.

Everybody without exception, needs to take time to "do no thing," to be still, to not have an agenda. Connect with your world! Feel the sun. Be charged by it. Hug a tree, connect with a crystal. You know, this planet's main ingredient is QUARTZ. We ARE a crystalline planet. Crystals store energy. Think about that.

They all have a story to tell. They want to help us to "see the light" and raise our vibration.

Of course crystals (and rocks) are alive! After all, they GREW. And if you pay attention, you will notice that your crystals CHANGE.

You've got one week left before the new year... 2020 will be VERY different than the last 120 years. We are going from the earth element to the air element. The calling card is lovers of the planet, lovers of life, lovers of humanity, UNITE and know what you stand for. Live your truth. Shuck away everything you do that does not fit who you are. The times, they are a-changing.

Are you ready?

With love and blessings, Suzy WoooOOOOOO :)


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