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2023: Unavoidable Earthquakes. Become the epicenter of joy!

2023 is not messing around. No more fence sitting. Earthquakes will collapse your fences and shake you to your core... forcing some life-altering decisions! Be the force so it doesn't consume you!


How do you want to live your life? Where, doing what and with whom? Get real and raw with yourself. Take a nice, DEEP relaxing breath, and allow your eyes to simply gaze over this next question your higher self is asking of you... and juuuuust notice any inklings that float in:

What is preventing you from having a totally exhilarating life of freedom?

Did you notice the little immediate waves of insight - the people, the situation that is the drag on your line?

See, you know deep inside exactly why you are not in the midst of a blissful life. But you get so caught up in your head over-analyzing and getting all bunched up in thought and self-condemnation that you become paralyzed into inaction.

But, guess what? This is stuff that is all OUTSIDE of yourself! And guess what? You cannot control what happens outside of yourself! So wash your hands of it!

You can't make someone love you. You can't help people who are simply not ready. You can't force things. You can't change people. You can't make anyone respect you.

The longer you sit in indecision, waiting for this or that to happen before you move towards what you truly want... the stronger the resistance, the pressure, due to these "toxic" waves (people or situations), becomes. Problems ferment, they can only be tamped down so long, for so many times. You're buying time, waiting, but let's be real here. Time is here is limited.

The results? Depression, addiction, escapism, resentment, anger... and then over a period of time, illness and imbalances or dis-ease. It certainly does not feel good watching others soar into lives they love while you sigh and look around you in the middle of a situation that you actually brought yourself to.

What you CAN do, is position yourself to catch what it is that the universe is trying to pitch! The secret here is to disconnect from all the energy cords that are the drag on your line, and totally clear your mind. Blank-slate your mind from all the people who are impacting how you see yourself having the life you would LOVE for yourself. Just for a moment, push them way out of the frame.

Wow that already feels so much better and now the clutter and distractions are moved aside. Awesome! Now reconnect with your dream, your goals, your vision - what do you want your life to look like? Where, doing what, and with whom?


Take a positive action.. draw and write your vision on paper or on a digital document. Describe it in as much detail as you can. Imagine yourself HAVING IT ALL.

Now, what is an action you can do right now? Maybe do some internet research on living in that area, if you're considering a move... or the job market if you are considering changing careers. Maybe it's time to break away altogether and launch your own business!

To help you find some missing links, read up on what self-care and self-love are. Because your happiness, that blissful life begins and ends with YOU! Suit up and get into position! SMILE! If you want it, the universe can shine it upon you, but you have to have your eyes open! See, feel, hear, smell and taste these amazing visions you have!!! Perfect.

Note: This is also a great exercise to do on a full moon (to illuminate everything that is in your scene or 'frame' and decide what you're ready, or would like to, release) or a new moon to create a vision board.

Now, if you feel like it, you can let back in all those people and circumstances that we just pushed to the side. But notice - they will feel "smaller," more like an inconvenience. You can clearly understand what or who is standing in your way, realize that is your impression, which you made your reality. And choose not to accept it as your truth and DO SOMETHING about it. Take positive action. You must learn to choose you, until it becomes a pattern, a behavior and a lifestyle.

Ready? The world needs you to radiate your own joy - that is what fills us with what we call light. Joy is love, and when we experience joy, our hearts open and others notice. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, it sends waves, ripples, and all around are impacted. CHOOSE YOU, and be the example.

Another way to prepare yourself for greatness is to stay honest to yourself, and do some serious PURGING. Discard everything that is not the energy of your blissful life. YOUR DREAM HAS VALUE, YOUR STUFF HAS VALUE, CASH IN ON YOUR PURGING!

Donate, trade in or up, and get into alignment to RECEIVE... and then pay attention and grab a hold of these opportunities because they are all around you and will continue to show up!

There is a real life story of a guy who continued trading up, starting with a pen, and became a millionaire! I always remember a pen. I went looking for the story and it was a paperclip! Check this out... Here is that guy who did a Ted Talk about it!

It does not have to be physical as in money, but consider your emotions. Trade up your emotions. It might look something like this.

I'm sick of feeling small every time my mother is around. I'm going to get busy on new ways to accept myself to fill in the gaps of my mother's lack of approval of me... or lack of acceptance.. or maybe even jealousy because she was bound to my father who was the provider and I am single and she makes me feel like I can't be successful on my own, independently... I am not her, and I am no longer a child. I don't need and really I don't even want her approval, because she is not me, I am a new generation and have a different view of the world....

Get it?

Create waves, or ripples, of love! Realize love for yourself, and more loving people will enter your life!

If you are struggling reaching self-love, get some help. Call in those who can help you who don't know the characters in your life. There is no shame in wanting to be happy and free!

A different angle - BE the wave, don't be on the sidelines victimized by the earthquake. You are the source energy sending out waves all the time... the more loving they are, the better your life will become! Be a tremendous epicenter of radiant LOVE! Let that go rippling out!

Now, GO FOR IT! 2023 can catapult you to that life you dream of, fast-track or even suddenly! To get it, you have to put forth the effort, send out the signal that you are ready, do the research, clear the decks... and get ready to receive. :)

If you need help finding life purpose, or finding love for yourself, that is something I specialize in.

#PTSD, #lowselfesteem #toxic #toxicfamily or toxic early influences, recovery after abuse, relationships, human resources, and #domesticviolence - I would be honored to help YOU to find yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and be proud!

Please share if you know someone this can help. BIG HUGS and love to you!


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