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Did I offend you? Sorry-Not sorry.

I am an admitted crystal junkie. I love crystals and collect them. I'll see a picture in one of the Crystal Facebook groups I'm in and off I go online to research all about it and if it seems cool, I shop for it, then I find another one that I don't have and I research that one .. and on and on. It's sort of an addiction.

Some people might take offense to my using the word 'junkie' and the truth is no matter what you say you are going to offend someone. I would never choose to hurt another. Taking offense is a choice. Being insulted is a choice.

Let's say someone says something that triggers you and you say 'I am offended!' or 'How dare you insult me!?' In doing either, you are dis-empowering yourself, by letting the words or actions of another dictate your emotions and behavior.

Yes common man is clearly over-sensitive. Did I offend feminists by saying 'common MAN'?

When I emerged as an intuitive reader, playing with Tarot cards, crystals and receiving messages from Spirit, I lost a lot of friends... meh actually, acquaintances. True friends don't cut you off. This is where a true friend and you can agree to disagree if you don't see eye to eye on something. I mean heck, if we all had the same beliefs and likes, the world would be a pretty lame and boring place.

Walking your own path is not for the weak. It takes balls! People won't get you, they will stare at you funny, talk smack, discredit you, and make fun of you. They will try to get a reaction out of you and if you react, they win. Don't fall in to that trap. That's another article too.

Many of them, at the end of the night, wish they had the balls to do what you are doing. They are stuck in their own patterns of stagnancy and fear. That's a shame, but that is on them, you keep on doing what you're doing, boldly and unapologetically!

So many people I have met had lamented how they wished they could have their hair in fun colors.

Why the heck don't you then? Do what brings you joy! It is your duty to honor yourself, do what makes your heart sing and your soul smile!

You have a choice whether to follow the herd, or blaze your own trail.

You can come up with as many reasons or excuses to justify your choices as you need to defend your stance.

It is ultimately your choice to atrophy your joy or experience the wonder that this life has to offer. Dress how you want, study the things that you are into, that is what your soul wants, this is how you will evolve! Think about it. People will judge you no matter what. No matter what anyone else says they are speaking from THEIR own life perspective. They see you in THEIR mirror.

Nobody knows your path except you. It's nobody's businesses! And this is why it's said that other people's opinions of you are none of your business. Some of those sayings get a little Mike Brady confusing... I'd like to help you make sense of them.

My wish for you is to rip off the sheath of people pleasing and appeasing everyone except yourself. YOU DON'T OWE ANYBODY ANYTHING. If you want to wear your hair rainbow colors HAVE AT IT! If you want to study something that's not in alignment with other's agendas, SO WHAT! It's YOUR journey!

If someone calls you a name, do not give them the power to trigger your emotions! Always CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Note, I could say if someone INSULTS you... but being insulted is a choice. If fictitious Laura says, 'George is a real asshole' - that is how Laura sees her flaws through George, that doesn't make it true for George.

Intelligent people do not cut others down. Now if George is comfortable in his own skin, doing his own thing and not hurting anyone then George doesn't give a flying shit what Laura says. If George has a strong Mars, he might get in Laura's face and start a shit-slinging match.

If George is soft, a people-pleaser or lacks confidence in his identity, he might withdraw like a turtle back into his shell and become fearful of showing his true colors ever again. For this scenario, Laura feels empowered because she controlled someone else. Who's the true asshole?

Most of us are angry fictitious Laura, a soft George, or somewhere in between.

People who are easily offended or insulted have inner work to do. Eventually if they admit it to themselves, they will secretly thank you for bringing this to light so they can learn how to heal and evolve. Don't ever expect them to tell you that though. Only maybe 3% of all people will ever reach that level of consciousness whey they can balance the ego with the soul.

The time is always now you can pivot your direction NOW. You don't have to do everything the same as yesterday. You don't have to wait for Friday to go have fun. Have fun every day. I am serious!

Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and be proud. Be Yourself. Let me repeat, BE YOURSELF! BE YOURSELF, UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

I am a crystal junkie and I love woo-woo things. This is my choice, my calling and my love. It comes from and through a place of endless eternal pure love, the seed of the universe. If you're offended because it's not a match, it was not my intent and that's on you.

PS: I'm not getting a hard time (yet) on using the word junkie, but I know the potential is there... and really wanna emphasize how important it is to honor your TRUE path. Don't apologize for how other people interpret what you do based on their experience.

I GOTTA BE ME, and so do you. It is why you are here. Remember, be yourself because everybody else is already taken.

I love you.


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