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Your life, your happiness, absolutely your choice

Every habit started with a first time. What you do and what you don't do are all part of your choices. Many people are conditioned into thinking everything happens TO them and that they don't have much of a say in their own well-being. They stay in jobs they hate, or settle with a soured relationship. They flatly refuse to entertain the ideal that things manifest in their lives that match their vibrational frequency.

I used to have that mindset. I was stuck in a victimhood mindset, and relinquished my power to someone who abused it. I even gave up on myself. I was a mental mess.

I started life over again at age 39 and it took over a year of chaos, self-doubt, depression and alcohol dependence, but I eventually started to see light again. I woke up to the fact that no, the world was NOT out to get me and I needed to get back in my own driver's seat! I had to learn to be accountable, fully, for all of the things that happened in my life then and now, and every day. Today is a sum of your yesterdays after all.

Eventually, I learned that when I shifted my outlook to look for the bright side of even the darkest scenarios, that eventually something good would happen. I practiced being grateful thinking about it, and the next day carried that grateful mindset. I also began to actively look for the lessons in every single experience and person that I came across - if I met someone who was cunning and evil, my lesson is that that's not a person I want to be like,... and down the road as this became a lifestyle and it matured and evolved, now when I see someone who is bitter, I send them love and wish them well. I say a little prayer that they will find their way.

I learned - and this was a toughie - that I was lovable and acceptable AS I WAS, and as I am. I had to love myself fully, that is, learn to love my own company, be my own best friend, trust myself, and believe that I have purpose, and am made of the same star dust as the earth, universe, and the divine. It is all connected and is a living breathing intelligent space that is founded on unconditional love. Love is the answer, it's the way to everything and everyone.

It's my hope you'll enjoy my occasional two bits and we can have friendly dialogue sharing experiences that we have braved.

Tomorrow I'm going to New York City to be interviewed by a photojournalist from Argentina, then going to the ELO concert with my sister. She's treating!!!

Love your life, it's why you're here!

I love you,


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