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02022020 an important day in your ascension journey

At 11 this morning, I spent a little over an hour doing remote healings ... intentionally on one person to start, then another came in, then more people were showing up. I was unable to orchestrate it my normal way. I was shown much more to encompass stronger caliber.. remove and restore then amp up. Quite remarkable. All who came received deep healing.

Today is a very magical day on many levels. It is 2020 mirrored.. 2020 | 0202. It is also the same date forward and backward 02-02-2020 / 0202-20-20 (a rare alignment called a palindrome).

It is a multi activated numerology code for integrating into the larger matrix, a window and gateway for peace and harmony. It is also a cross quarter point... the mid point between the winter solstice and spring equinox.

Zero is for zero point, your internal divine connection to all that is. Two is for partnership, for duality, for the need to have both light and dark, heaven and earth, contrast, and the peacemaker and peace keepers. It is an awesome day for meditating and purification of thoughts, intentions and deeds.

Feel this energy around you. Feel other aspects of yourself, other dimensions of your own self. We only identify with the 3D aspect which is heavy dense matter, because that is the reality we experience the easiest .. but there are other layers of you.

Today use this magical energy to get back in touch with your very nature. Who are you and why are you here? Dig deep. Honor and respect your mission and love yourself deeply.

Set the dial to accomplish your goals and highest dreams with passion, drive, gumption, integrity and endless love without conditions and without excuses.

Write down your dreams and SPEAK it... let your voice place that order.. the universe will go shopping to bring you the ingredients. You must take action, not sitting on the sidelines.

Set your intention, give voice to it by speaking it aloud ... see and feel how it will be like having it... and give thanks because you are speaking it into reality.

That's what kind of energy today is! The date is the same in reverse it's a mirror. Project as much love and living fully as you can gather up today and command your energy to strengthen and empower you to manifest your wildest highest dreams! There are no limits!!! Use it wisely, for your HIGHEST good!

This is a super powerful Herkimer diamond golden healer crystal with what's called a window, a small diamond-shaped facet where several faces come together. You can access other beings and dimensions through it, including the Akashic records.

Focus on your goals for a minute and gaze at this crystal.. with your intentions, ask to be shown what you need to do, or what's keeping you back.. or ask for clarity, or direction/guidance. Ask to please be shown what you need to know.

Then just be silent and tune into this crystal. See what you get.

I love you. <3

I'd super love to hear back from you.. post comments below as to your experience about this post, your experience, the crystal... . hello? :) Let me hear your amazingness!


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