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Psychic Development Intensive

Psychic Development Intensive

SKU: 10HrIntnsv

This is a 10 hour intensive course in psychic development like nothing you've ever experienced before!


Includes powerful activations that were channeled and delivered live on the spot during the portal energy of 11/4 and 11/11. Comes in 2 parts. Available on-demand now!

 1. Learning your language: Symbols and numbers, numerology, YOUR inner understanding with YOUR guides, Impressions

 2. Integrating and Using your language Daily: Reading everything around you, Practicing your ability

 3. Powerful channeled activations - one in each part! (Course is 2 separate recordings)

 4. Tying it all Together: Reading people, Best Practices

Testimonials from this course:

"Wow. I got downloads all night." "I saw the sparkles you spoke of!" 

"You never disappoint. You are solid. The real deal."

"I felt the activations" - this one is from an engineer!

Time and distance are not relevant - take this course at any time and you will get the same powerful activations. It helps bring your natural abilities to the surface - and you will be blown away to be able to FEEL color! 

  • Method of delivery

    The deliverable is a PDF file containing the links to the session, separated into two parts.  You will also receive the document via email with the links, only AVAILABLE FOR 30 DAYS so be sure to download it!

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