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Due to government mandated restrictions, all energy healing appointments will be remote.

All readings will be done via email, phone or Skype (your choice). 

To get the details on any of my services, please scroll down the page.  If you have any questions please click here.


Deep Energy Healing:  $115

Readings:  30 minutes -    $59

60 minutes -    $89

Holistic counseling, Coaching    $80 (1 hour)

Bundle Specials:

30 minute reading + Energy healing    $150

Compatibility:  A reading for yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

Are you a good match?    $120 



Deep Quantum Energy Healing   $115 per individual session

There are no restrictions on who can receive a healing session. 

Surface: Get ready for the ultimate energy cleanse and boost! Any stagnant or backed up energy will be loosened up and dissolved. Feel the layers of stress melt away! The purpose is to clear, ground and recharge your energy field, and reignite your body's own natural healing faculties.

Deeper: I go into your energy field (your auric field if in person, your location in the universal field/quantum space if remote) and eliminate what doesn't belong there, including recovering fragmented versions of yourself stuck in time due to traumatic experiences in this or prior lifetimes, and dead weight from subconscious thought patterns. I remove negative attachments and bring other versions of yourself, such as your inner child, into healing, then restore energetic balance, then seal it in.

Amplified: I further amplify the healing experience with a grid of crystals selected specifically for you. 

Post-healing, you are very likely to appear 'brighter' - your skin may get a soft glow!  Your friends and family will notice the amazing change in you and you will feel brighter, lighter, happier and things won't bother you the way they did before. You will be less triggered and more driven by your dreams, goals, and self-evolution!

Modality: Although I have attained Reiki Mastery, this healing modality is very different from Reiki; it employs a significantly "higher" frequency; and MUCH broader "bandwidth," using both; magnetic earth energy and electromagnetic frequency of the astral space.  Unlike Reiki, the healing you receive does not wear off. The "brand" of the modality I am using is called Star Magic Healing which I received my Star Magic Facilitator certification in Sedona AZ in fall 2018, and Facilitator Level 2 Frequency Upgrade in England in June 2019. 


Tuning Forks: I may also incorporate the use of tuning forks which is also proven just as effective as being in person. Curious how it works? Please see this video by Eileen Day McKusick.

Due to the current pandemic, all sessions are remote only.

What to expect


Once you purchase a session, you will receive and email to schedule.

At least 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time, settle in and get comfortable. 

Be seated or lying down with no external stimulus unless it is calm music with no lyrics.

Have your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Allow your mind to clear and imagine your heart opening up to receive frequencies of healing and unconditional love that will ripple throughout your quantum hologram, and felt in your physical body.

Then simply notice what you notice. It is possible that if you think too much you might fall asleep and that is totally okay. You absolutely still receive full benefits of the session.

Most clients can sense when the session is complete.  A session will average 20-35 minutes.

Once complete, you have the choice of receiving a phone call or an email to discuss results. 

I will email you photos of the grid I used and any cards drawn for your session.

You have the option of purchasing one of the clear quartz crystals used in your grid, which retains the energy of your healing session.  $9 complete. The crystal will be placed in an organza sachet and mailed 24-48 hours (includes shipping/postage).



Minimally, a session enhances relaxation, brings you into a peaceful state, and lessens your stress. It accelerates overall, natural wellness and activates healing of your mind, body and spirit. 

You are able to trust yourself more, and your intuition is enhanced.

It reduces or removes swelling, inflammation and physical pain, and has minimized or cleared depression, anxiety, years of crying, low self-esteem and extreme stagnancy. Please see the home page for client testimony!

If you have a chronic or otherwise more deeply-rooted condition, have 'shadow parasites,' entities, or certain other complications, more than one session will likely be needed. But that first session brings tremendous, MEASURABLE results.  If in person, you will receive those scan results via email and be shown them after your session. 

Sound Healing (Tuning Forks)

Since everything in the body is in motion, and everything in motion produces pressure waves into the surrounding environment, it makes sense that there is actually an acoustic field of inaudible sound around each individual. 

The overtones and undertones produced by the tuning forks interface, like sonar, with these acoustic emanations of the body and act as a sort of invisible decoder to locate areas of noise in the signal. These pockets of noise are held in the standing waves contained within the biofield and may relate to experiences of physical, mental or emotional stress from any point in our lifetimes.

When the signal of noise disruption can be located in the field, (which may be as far as five or more feet away from the body) the precise application of sound can cause the body to self-regulate out of the noise and into a more harmonious expression!


Biofield Sessions provide a holistic approach for health and wellness.  Trauma, stress, and beliefs system blocks can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies impacting our ability to function at our full potential. These blocks obstruct the vital flow of energy though our body and energy systems necessary for health and well-being. Over time, this leads to illness and deletes our emotional reserve. Sound healing helps to restore these vital flows improving overall well-being.


 WATCH this video to gain an understanding of how distant healing works!

Scans Before and after Healing
Energy Healing
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A reading  includes one or more divinity tools or locations where I access information from, but not limited to: intuition, Akashic records (soul blueprint), psychic, mediumship, tarot, oracle cards, bio field, and astrology. 
If you have questions about a situation we will usually do tarot cards to begin with.  If you are looking for information or contact from a loved one who has transitioned, that is a mediumship reading. Even with a psychic reading or if you are looking for guidance with life directions, often times mediumship happens; that is, someone from your family in spirit comes through, or one of your spirit guides.
Astrology explains very cool and relevant details about who you are, your mission/purpose, life lessons, strengths, behavioral tendencies, what you do and dont like, the type of person/situation you are at your ultimate best or worst in .. communication patterns, certain life lessons/obstacles and then we look at today - what's being activated in your life today and what's around the corner astrologically. 
You have the option to specifically choose one or more of the following modalities that I use to work with you if you wish.  Details for each follow. 
Don't know what to pick?
Just let me know what kind of information you are seeking and I can explain the difference and offer suggestions to help you make an informed decision.  
Astrology         Birth Chart, Interpretation and Report     

A basic reading has a look at your astrology, explaining some of your key components, to help you understand yourself on a deeper level.
The total soul astrology goes deep into all planets, including Sabian symbols, mission, past life lessons, personality style and where you have the most compassion, and includes an additional 20+ page long report. It can be done via email, the phone, or Skype. 
This is a critical tool every person should have! 
Astrology is a "gift from the gods" - providing a detailed explanation of every person's talents, characteristics, behaviors, traits, cognitive strengths and challenges, learning style, social tendencies, communication style and perceptive strengths!   Everything has a birth chart, even cities, countries and yes, even your pet! America's founding fathers very specifically pre-determined the signing of the Declaration of Independence (down to the minute) to fall under particular influences of the cosmic alignments.

Have you ever wondered why are you the way you are or asked yourself: I wonder if I'm on the right path?  What type of career is best for me?  What type of partner?

Your birth chart is your 'cosmic fingerprint.'  It explains all the planetary energies as they impact the major life aspects of your life from the very moment you were born.

Most people find them to be astoundingly accurate and helpful, because you can uncover so much about who you are and reveal or validate some significant patterns and events in your lifetime. It's a phenomenal tool to help you understand yourself! 


'll explain all about your traits and tendencies, hobbies and habits, your personality, temperament and other specific characteristics, including certain obstacles you may face or have faced in your lifetime.  I will also share with you in what area of life your calling lies, who you are most compatible with, ideal career paths for you, where your destiny mark is, what it means, and what your major life lessons are likely to be.  Having this is a major eye opener that helps you understand yourself.  This is an amazing self-discovery tool that every person should have! Every parent should know their child's chart information to understand how they get along in the world and how they learn best.

With this selection, you will ALSO get a fully detailed, computer-generated report and your full color birth chart with a legend to identify what all the signs and symbols mean. There is usually also mediumship and psychic work involved in my readings and it is possible that I will talk about your soul's evolution which may include past lives. 

When we are finished, before you leave, I will email you your chart and a computer-generated report that's over 10 pages long; so if you wish, you can explore more on your own. 
For the most accurate astrology reading, you'll need to provide the date, time and city of your birth
If you would like a reading that measures compatibility with another person, bring that person's birth information with you; they do not need to be present. 


Watch your situation present itself right in front of you, with clarity. See what direction it's headed in, where you need to take action, and who is for and against you.  See who or what is supporting you, what is paying off and what you're made of. We finish it off with an oracle card; which reflects the reading you just had! A very personal, inspiring experience! Tarot is often part of a reading session.



Holistic Counseling / Transformational Coaching   $80 per individual session 

Someone to help you understand yourself, what's going on in your world, and make sense of it all. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen. Or maybe you're looking for spiritual guidance and not necessarily a reading. The ultimate goal is helping you get to know and love yourself, and grow, with passion and purpose!  Sessions held online or via email.


Wedding Officiant Services    Starting at $150


I am an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry and the non-denominational Universal Life Church. The Universe includes everything and everyone; and is non-discriminatory, and that is how I live. I can perform religious or nonreligious Ministry/Chaplain services and provide Spiritual Counsel. All couples are welcomed.  More Info

Special Events


It's always a blast to do a reading party or healing/pampering event! I am available for corporate and private events, gatherings, holidays, parties, galas, and special celebrations! I'm happy to entertain all requests and am available to travel!  All events are currently on hold until we get through the virus pandemic situatoin.


The following are presently suspended due to the corona virus mandates.

Groups rates / Parties and Events:

If you have a group of at least 5 people, we can do 15 minute readings for $35.

Corporate Events, Day of Healing, Employee appreciation

My rates to come on premise are $150 for the first hour, $120 each subsequent hour.

Cacao Ceremonies:

Once New York opens for business again, I'll be available to facilitate a cacao ceremony with meditation and/or group healing for your group.

I provide everything!  Please contact me to discuss your ideas! 


Yes. Love to.  Working with me is a fun, uplifting experience. No judgment. No doom and gloom. I am direct and no-nonsense, friendly and compassionate. No flair, no drama, I'm here to help you to grow and evolve.  I explain everything on a ground level, plain and simple, so you never feel intimidated or lost.  My goal is to help you to empower yourself.

DISCLAIMER:  Holistic healthcare practitioners are trained specialists who use non-invasive holistic practices to create a healthy environment for the mind, body and spirit, and are NOT Medical Doctors. It is recommended to seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care practitioner prior to starting any new treatment and/or changing current treatment.  Holistic therapy is not intended to constitute medical treatment or consultation and is not intended to cure any conditions.

Please arrive with an open mind, non-restrictive clothing and the desire to be well.  If you're convinced you're behind the 8-ball and you can never improve, you have already set your reality and I will not be able to help you. You have to be ready and open to receive healing for it to be effective.

Couples astrology
Suzanne Suchan Psychic Tarot at Tonawanda Castle
Suzanne Suchan, Wedding Officiant in New York
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