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Suzy Woo - Energy Healer, Astrology Readings, Psychic Medium

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powerful insight

powerful healing

Seer of Divine Truth. 

Suzy Woo stands as a beacon of inspiration and a preeminent figure in the realm of energy healing.


Suzy's transformative work not only guides you through the healing of traumas across multi-dimensional timelines and templates, but also empowers you to

embrace life with purposeful consciousness and intention.

Featured on Meet the People, AM Buffalo, Public Report
Featured in Business First, WNY Woman, Xceptional Woman 
Recipient of Cheryl Davidson Humanitarian Award
Winner of BusinessPerson of the Year 2023 and 2024
See Suzy's monthly astrology column published in EllicottvilleNOW! 

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When traditional therapy hits a dead end, or causes more trauma; 

When the doctors can't find a cause for symptoms, people come to Suzy for solutions. 

An award-winning, internationally recognized healer, medium, coach and inspirational presenter, Suzy's intuitive guidance has detected early health concerns, and healing abilities have eliminated the need for invasive surgery.

An enthusiastic spiritual leader who shares what worked for her to rebuild her life and find success after enduring 22 years of domestic violence; Suzy will inspire YOU to NEVER GIVE UP, and realize how powerful you truly are!


Suzy shows YOU how to

"Find yourself, love yourself, be yourself, and be proud!"SM

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Healing Sound Baths   

Group special events

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"Suzy is a compassionate soul who helps you rediscover who you are at the core; and learn how to LOVE that person.  You will love working with this caring, fun and powerful healer! She has a bright, uplifting energy that people love to be around."   J.M.

"The real deal."


"Fun, compassionate, powerful and thorough."

See what other people just like you have to say after seeing Suzy!

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Suzy Woo review

What clients are saying...

“I didn't tell her that I was suffering for 3 MONTHS with severe case of eczema. The doctor put me on a very high dose of steroids and it did not work.  Suzanne worked her magic, removed blockages in my chakras.  Within 3 DAYS it cleared up. I am so grateful."   -Elizabeth        

"Visiting with you was definitely one of two highlights of my vacation, actually of my Life!!   I can't properly express the transformation that began even minutes after my energy healing.   The beautiful, peaceful feeling grew throughout the following days and continues to do so now.  AND, I had a breakthrough with my meditations, reaching higher levels than before.  You made it possible for me to reach this higher level and removed the heavy sadness in my heart.   ♥♥♥♥  Thank you for your help with my healing!!

  I have been transformed for the higher good."   -Rowena                  MORE

"I love her enthusiasm"  "so easy to talk to"   "speaks from the heart" 

 "knows what she's talking about"

   "I play the recording to everyone I know because you were so accurate" 

"spot on!"  "gifted"  "kind"   "fun"  "Worth every penny!"  "informative" 

"I love her energy!"

All regular sessions are by appointment.

See next availability and book your session here

Office: 11 Martha Street


Ellicottville, NY 14731



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