Master Energy Healer  * Professional Astrologer 

Light, Sound & Crystal Healing Practitioner  *  Seer of Divine Truth

Workshop & Retreat Leader, Presenter

powerful insight

powerful healing

Suzy Woo has catapulted into the ranks of sought-after healers.

Suzy's multidimensional and quantum healing methods have led people to no longer need surgery! (See review at the right).  A healing reduces or removes physical pain, diminishes depression, anxiety and nightmares, dissolves heaviness, and restores confidence, vitality, courage, mental clarity and life purpose.  

This healing can be done anywhere on the planet with the same remarkable results!

"I remove societal conditioning and subconscious limits such as of lack unworthiness or a scarcity mindset; and plug you back into your own source energy.   Most importantly,

I give you back the keys to yourself.

ALL sessions by appointment only.

Office: 3623 Eggert Road, Suite 203

Orchard Park NY 14127


What clients are saying...

“I didn't tell her that I was suffering for 3 MONTHS with severe case of eczema. The doctor put me on a very high dose of steroids and it did not work.  Suzanne worked her magic, removed blockages in my chakras.  Within 3 DAYS it cleared up. I am so grateful."   -Elizabeth E.       August 2019        

"Visiting with you was definitely one of two highlights of my vacation, actually of my Life!!   I can't properly express the transformation that began even minutes after my energy healing.   The beautiful, peaceful feeling grew throughout the following days and continues to do so now.  AND, I had a breakthrough with my meditations, reaching higher levels than before.  You made it possible for me to reach this higher level and removed the heavy sadness in my heart.   ♥♥♥♥  Thank you for your help with my healing!!       I have been transformed for the higher good."   -Rowena        August  2019          MORE

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