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The Awakening

The Universe Called.... will you answer?


Your presence is requested. It's time to stop living in the past,

time to stop worrying about the future.

BE IN THE NOW. Be present.

That's the presence we are talking about. 

It's your time to wake up your dormant gifts and shine. Are you ready?


We've got the date. A date between your soul, your mind, and the universal truth...

Will you show up?


Let January 11, 2020

mark the day that YOU SHOWED UP.

By showing up, YOU are taking ACTION: 

to get in the driver's seat of your life.

to reclaim and stand boldly in your power,

to shine with a bright, beautiful intensity that you've never experienced before!

to leave the past behind,

to truly LET GO of attachments and dead weight.

to slough off all the negative things you think, feel and say to yourself

to shed confusion and indecision, and replace them with confidence and clarity

To identify, and grow your natural psychic and intuitive abilities

To FEEL what unconditional universal love is and learn how to "live there"

To stretch outside of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment! 

To be able to talk about and share experiences that other people in your life might call 'crazy' or 'weird'.


Earlybird ticket prices are super affordable at only $159 and includes meals!

No experience needed! 

This workshop is designed to help you increase intuitive and psychic abilities, understand your energetic sensitivity, and learn how to safely incorporate it into your daily living.

What will be covered:

Energy: Chakras and the human aura  *   Meditation, especially for those who can't shut off their mind

Happiness, creativity, and joy   *   How to connect with the one-ness of all that is

Discover and understand your specific ways of receiving psychic information

How to tune in to your intuition   *   How to discern between imagination and intuition

How to feel and work with crystal energy and healing energy   *   What is a 'light body'

Protecting yourself   *   Cacao and sacred tea ceremony, chanting and healing circle 

Healing, laughing, and enlightenment!

VENUE & Lodging

You are encouraged to book your stay at the venue where the event is taking place, a country church built in the mid 1800s that has been very beautifully restored and serves as an event center and B&B, called the Marienthal Country Inn.  It carries an amazing energy! Tickets for this event do not include lodging. 


There are very limited rooms available. If you come with a group, a great option is to rent what they call the "Brick House Lodge." For more information on the venue, please visit their website here: Marienthal Country Inn



Saturday Jan 11, 11am til about 8pm

Sunday Jan 12,     9am - 3pm

Event outline:


Sat Jan 11: 11am-8pm

Intro to the human chakra system and your aura
Energy: How to sense/feel it, learn how to connect with crystals
Psychic, Intuitive identification, awareness and expansion
Cacao/sacred spiritual tea ceremony

Chanting, healing circle

Light dinner

Sun Jan 12:    9:00am-3pm

If you are not staying overnight and aren't concerned with light breakfast,

the workshop will begin at 9am Sunday.

800am Teas/Coffee/Juices, light breakfast
9 Aura: Energizing and protecting
Connecting to the elements
The light body
Psychic and intuitive development
Group healing

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Buy my ticket!

the Awakening weekend retreat

January 11th 2020: The numerology code for this day signifies a time of alignment, inner knowing, and self-healing.

111 is the code of angels and signifies movement between the earthly realm and the angelic realm. It is a number of healing and divine miracles, it is also a number associated with wishes, dreams, and new beginnings.

This powerful 111 code joins with the number 3, representing alignment with the three elements of who we are – a mind, body, and soul. The number 3 also represents our true self-expression and our ability to manifest things in this physical world.

Together these numbers form the code 1113 and unite to give us a powerful energy that we can use to our advantage.

On this day, you will be supported to tune into your mind, body, and soul, and to link all three so they can work together as one.

On this day we also have the annual meeting of the Sun and Pluto. This brings transformation and healing all on its own.

Pluto is always supporting us to move to higher levels of consciousness and has a very potent vibration, so when it meets with the Sun, we often find it easier to tap into higher realms and to view things from our higher selves. 

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