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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About

Sound Healing!

Saturday, February 19, 12pm-3:30pm    Attendance: $75

In this workshop, you'll discover everything you've wanted to know about healing with sound.

What is it, how does it work, why does it work, and how can I use it for myself or with others?

Feel and experience this healing modality for yourself. Get up close, touch and feel the instruments, bring your questions and discover how these items were used by the ancients and as remedies today.

We will introduce and use a variety of sound tools, including tuning forks, sound bowls and gongs. Fun and experiential, casual and light hearted but chock-full of valuable info and insight!

NOTE: These photos are actual ones of several items you will see and experience!

No experience required!  Learn about, and experience a full range of sound healing tools including metal and quartz tuning forks, metal and crushed quartz singing bowls, singing pyramids, tingsha bells, and gongs!  You'll get valuable hand outs so you won't have to take notes!  

Some sound tools will be available for purchase. We always have sound tools available in our home store Good for the Spirit Gifts at 11 Martha Street Ellicottville.


This workshop will conclude with a magnificent sound immersion (sound/gong bath)!

You must register in advance so we can keep track of the head count as there are limited seats available. 

Venue: Holiday Valley, Tamarack Building. Enter the building at John Harvard's restaurant. entrance. 6557 Holiday Valley Road, Ellicottville NY 14731

There are no refunds for workshops.

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Tibetan Gong
Neptune gong sound healing
Suzy Woo Sound Healing
Sound Healing with Suzy Woo
Sound Healing with Suzy Woo
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