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Special  Events

How to Protect Your Energy

Tuesday September 27    4-6:30pm

Online via Zoom           $45

energetic protection

When they think they have some type of effect on you, but you're spiritually solid and nothing can faze or destroy you.

Very Important Workshop!

You may understand about centering and grounding your energy, and even cleansing your aura, but what do you do to protect yourself? 

If you work with energy, are in people's auric field alot such as personal care, or customer service, or do any type of dealing directly with people, understanding how to protect your energy is ESSENTIAL!

If you have every come under psychic attack, you know it's no joke!

This can cause strong physical pain, strains, accidents, vision problems, nausea, head pressure, headaches, backaches, brain fog, like feeling wasted, and other means of draining of your energy. It can make you act in ways you normally wouldn't. You may become short-tempered, overly anxious or paranoid, or fall ill.  It could come from an innocent carrier of negative energy, or it could be someone who is intentionally sending your disruptive, harmful energy.

In this workshop, we will cover:

How you become vulnerable and susceptible to spying and/or psychic attack.

How you can be detected when doing your spiritual work

How to check your energy for monitoring

How to prevent invasions of privacy, energetically

What to do if you are under psychic attack

Several tools and methods (we will walk through many together) to protect your energy, your family and all you care about.


Some time between your purchase and the event, you will receive an email with the link to REGISTER for the Zoom session.

The workshop will be recorded. Once the live event is over, you'll have access to the recording for 30 days after the event or after your purchase, whichever one is later.

If you can't make it when we are live, don't worry! It will be recorded and you'll get a link to the video.

Sorry, no refunds given. 


Workshop not designed to treat or cure any ailment or disease. Always check with your health care provider prior to starting any  new health regimens. 

Please see LEGAL here.

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