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April 8, 2019        10am-5pm

Private, in-person healing session.                                            $200


Jerry will work on facilitating your healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, across all necessary realities; relaxing and relieving stress, accelerating healing, dissolving dis-ease at the causal level, increasing energy and creativity, clearing and balancing your energy centers, strengthening your intuition, removing emotional blocks, uncovering and releasing old patterns of self-limitation, promoting inner peace, clearing karmic contracts, unwanted energy cords and creating a powerful and safe environment for you to truly thrive in this world.

Whether you want to eliminate/dissolve an illness or disease, enhance your business performance, take your energy and vitality to the next level, discover your love for yourself, find your perfect partner or ignite your current relationship, a variety of different elements can be worked on. Some people book these sessions to simply turbo-charge their lives from time to time. After your healing session you will receive a rundown on what was done.

Complete time in the office will run about 25 minutes.   No refunds will be given.


Rev. Suzanne Suchan, B.Msc.

Quaker Professional Center

3623 Eggert Road, Suite 203

Orchard Park NY 14127

Once you purchase your healing, you'll get an email with the assigned time.  Please arrive 10 minutes early and sit quietly in the waiting area until you are called.

Inquiries about this event:
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