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Special Events

We are honored to welcome back

Jerry Sargeant,  founder of Star Magic Healing

and one of the most sought after healers on the planet.

The number 1 ascension training on the planet

is coming to Buffalo

April 10-14, 2019! Up your healing action!


Your Event Coordinator is Suzanne Suchan - ANY questions please email me with questions 

April 10-14, 2019                           Facilitator Training                     Tickets:        2000 pounds  

Includes meals and dual-occupancy lodging

Are you ready to transform your world?

Are YOU ready to discover the power that lies within you?

If YOU are, be ON the NEXT Facilitator training experience.


"It's for those brave souls who are ready to explore what lies inside them, way down deep in the labyrinth of their infinite minds and the depths of their cosmic hearts."

Star Magic merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical and verifiable effects. Expand your skillsets in conscious living and be the change you want to see in this world. Star Magic Healing really is the Ultimate Healing Weapon and the Number One Ascension Tool.

The Star Magic Facilitator Training is about accessing a state of transformation, effective empowerment and infinite possibilities, utilizing the extremely playful and life-changing Soul Technology known as Star Magic (R). Human Beings learn to reliably and consistently move into the field of the heart, or torsion fields of the heart to access the Universal Field of Soul Technology known as the Inverted Field or Source Energy, the place of Infinite Possibility. From this point of intuitive awareness, all methods of Star Magic are easily accessible and provide for instantaneous and life-long changes, in all aspects of reality.

You will remember how to co-create your own reality and the realities of others instantaneously, by harnessing the extra-terrestrial and off planet light frequencies that Star Magic makes available.

Star Magic is a journey containing basic, intermediate and advanced light energy healing abilities. During the five day training Jerry and the Star Magic Facilitator Team will take you on a journey that equips you with every skill necessary to heal at the different levels or APs (Areas of Potential). You will let go of everything logical and remember your deep intuitive skill set. You will remember and know the truth. It's time to activate your soul memory and be reborn as a Star Seed here on Planet Earth.





JERRY SARGEANT                             To put down 25% and hold your space, click 


Each day, a 5-star chef will be coming to prepare vegan breakfast lunch and dinner. All food will be natural, from Mother Earth, giving each Facilitator the chance to eat clean and detox during the training experience.

The venue is a private estate in the FINGER LAKES of NEW YORK; on the shores of Cayuga Lake.

Tickets are £2000 (converts to approx $2500 USD, use the conversion button above) and INCLUDES all meals prepared by a 5-star chef and double occupancy lodging. 

For more details please click here. 

Payment options are available!           25% down will hold your spot!


Beaver Hollow Conference Center

1083 Pit Road, Java Center, NY 14082

If you plan on arriving before or after the event dates, you can contact the hotel directly and book your room at 1(800) 964-7903. All rooms are double occupancy unless you have a special need.  If you have a food restriction please let us know. 

Be sure to mention you are participating in the Star Magic training to get our special room rates.        




 Using what he calls "Star Magic Codes of Consciousness," Jerry will transform your inner world and thus your external reality.  If you are ready to expand your consciousness and experience a major shift, then Star Magic Healing is for you.
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