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Whyare most people pissy, angry, depressed and sick?

Everyone has imbalance somewhere in their life, because pobody's nerfect. :)

I'm sure you can relate to one or more of the following qualities:


Easily offended, angered or upset; attack-y, raging, power-hungry, selfish, guarded

Hyper-sensitive, emotionally unstable, emotionally unavailable, high highs and low lows

Isolated and cut off, recluse, intentionally offensive or super defensive

Many intimate partners, very weak boundaries, poor self-image, over-judgmental, over critical

Overindulgent, addictive personality, obsessive, needy, controlling

Over-achiever, feels self-care is selfish, gives all of one's energy away tending to everyone except for their self.

Closed-minded, know-it-all, 'talk to the hand,' belittling, arrogant, narcissistic 

Work tons of hours every week and feel no matter what, it is just never enough.

Imagine you're building a sandwich:

The bottom bread:  Dysfunctional households, words never expressed, a lack of personal security, secret fears, not feeling loved or wanted, feelings of not belonging, abandonment

The sandwich filling: going out into the world trying to prove your worth, feeling like you are always falling short of the world's expectation of you, toxic relationships, inability to stand up for one's self, looking for love, success and happiness OUT THERE.

The top bread: a fast-paced, fear-based society with constant pressure to hold it all together and not show emotion.


Every human being has energy in them that needs to be healed. 

It can be denial or walling off pain from a traumatic event (even when in the womb), buried anger that unconsciously festers, unresolved arguments, feelings that are suppressed, feelings that are repressed, misunderstandings, misgivings, not saying what one is feeling or saying something one wishes they hadn't, especially when there is a permanency to it such as a breakup, fallout or death.

This havoc causes so much stress "dark energy" that it produces illness and energetic fragmentation. For example, people who were never allowed to express themselves in childhood, or who can't speak up, develop problems in the throat area such as mouth, tongue, throat and thyroid complications.

Depending on the extent of your stress, you can become a whole new you, noticeably "brighter" in as little as one appointment! 

As little as one appointment can bring you great clarity, and you'll be given tools to clear away the mental and energetic 'pollution' before it accumulates to that level again.

One appointment can bring you so much awakening that you feel a renewed sense of purpose, a new permission slip to live freely as your unfiltered, uncovered, authentic self! Be free to express yourself without fear! 

Find out how to manage toxic people in your life, especially toxic family members. 

Rediscover yourself - become realigned with your true self.



Email me today to get you on the schedule. Commit to yourself feeling sunshiney! 


Anything that the government discredits is usually because they don't want the people to become aware, educated and empowered.  Our government wants its people passive, struggling, stressed and thus, disempowered. That is why they put fluoride (a chemical byproduct) in drinking water.. this calcifies our pineal gland, which is "the third eye" it has rods and cones just like our 2 eyes on the front of our face. 

It is how we see images with our eyes closed.

 changed the base of music itself from the 432hz to 440hz as documented/practiced in psychological warfare/manipulation, and they manipulate us with frequency bands like 5G, which is giving children nosebleeds, and mandating toxic poisons be injected into our children (these practices are damaging our reproductive organs).

Four out of five dentists recommend XYZ toothpaste with fluoride because they are receiving government payoffs. I think by now we all are aware that physicians are tipped off disgustingly well for writing an exhorbitant amount of [unnecessary] prescriptions for the big pharma products, which have created a tremendous wave of problems; addiction, suicide, mental health atrocities, homelessness, birth defects and overall, a total sickness model.  Did you know that the Federal Reserve - is a business comprised of the global elites?  America purports the federal reserve to be a branch of the American government - no, it is a business that America does not have 100% control over.   The United States is INCORPORATED and its citizens are PROPERTY.  We are not free at all. Everything we say and do has a number and a legal document attached to it. 


Government and all the big businesses at the top thrive on illness, not wellness. That is why so many geniuses are laughed off, publicy humiliated, and eventually killed off, while all their formulas, calculations, theories and data are seized and classified. These people are tortured, their families terrorized, and die broken. 


Free energy is real.  UFOs and extra terrestrials are real.  {Some of that is now declassified] - look up Corey Goode.

The pyramids were not built by slaves. 

We are not the first inhabitants of this planet. 

We shouldn't have chemical trails in the sky, or sudden manufacturing of distracting weather and "natural disasters" when someone at the top is under accusations and in the hot seat.  


But thanks to a massive spiritual awakening 

(and yes it is in the astrological chart too!), that is no longer  where we are heading. It is time to become educated, empowered, and united.  It is time to practice care, love, compassion and unity. Conventional patriarchal manipulation is becoming more and more exposed and it is self-imploding from the ground upwards.. starting with the #MeToo movement back in fall of 2017 when Jupiter locked into Scorpio.

Interested in learning more? 

Please empower yourself - do your own research and see what resonates for you.

Places to start: David Wilcock, Dr Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Naseim Harramein, Lynne McTaggart, Joseph Spinoza, Dr Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden

Facts about fluoride and fluoridation

Dr Mercola - health empowerment and eduation

Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Nassim Haramein

David Wilcock

also The Ascension Mysteries is an amazing book by Mr. Wilcock

The Law of One: The Ra Material

Mind Valley


Thanks for being here. You can help raise the consciousness and frequency of our planet by educating and empower yourself. It is time to wake up.  The world needs you! 

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