Sound Massage



Experience heaven unfolding within yourself, as familiar ancient sounds

bring you to a meditative bliss. 



What is sound massage?  This is where therapeutic instruments such as singing bowls are placed on key points of the body, then gently tapped. The rich vibrations send soft  sacred geometric wave patterns throughout your body. 

Add the ancient scent of Frankincense aromatherapy that will fill the room and solfeggio frequency music in the distance ... as the water in your body sings like Monks, and brings you to a calm, enlightened and peaceful state!

This is a very soothing, stress-relieving experience that will have you feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. One client reported feeling "taller and more open" after this experience. 

This type of therapy dissolves energy blockages of all types. Emotional backflow, suppression, depression, locked fears/anxiety, anger or what have you... this incredible healing method breaks it up and gets it moving again. YOU FEEL the negativity break up and leave.. and it feels AMAZING, like nothing you've experienced before.

Expect RELEASE. Tears. New found wisdom. Realizing you are way greater than you thought.

There are no pre-requisites.

There is one contraindication - This type of Vibrational Medicine is not advised for people who have a pacemaker;  and you may want to ask your doctor if you have a lot of metal screws/ hardware in your body.


This is safe for children, those on the autistic spectrum, and the elderly.

If you have any medical related questions, please do check with your doctor to be sure it is safe for you. This type of therapy is not intended to cure any health conditions but is a complimentary therapeutic modality.


YOU DESERVE IT and your body will thank you!

One hour session $135

Bright Idea!  

 Give a Sound Massage as a gift!


Studies reported on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, published in the National Library of Medicine state the following on the use of singing bowls:

"Improvements in distress, positive and negative affect, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension, anger, confusion and vigour were reported, as were improvements in blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, cutaneous conductance, and anterior-frontal alpha values." (1)

"Feeling of spiritual well-being significantly increased across all participants ( P < .001). Tibetan singing bowl meditation may be a feasible low-cost low technology intervention for reducing feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression, and increasing spiritual well-being. This meditation type may be especially useful in decreasing tension in individuals who have not previously practiced this form of meditation."

Sources: (1)    (2) 





You assume all risks. By scheduling this session, you agree to hold Suzy Woo harmless of negative outcomes as covered in the Legal section of this website. 

528 in water.jpg

528 Hertz cymatics in water.

YOU are made of over 70% water!

This will be YOU! Flowing in sacred geometry. SO HEALING!