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How it works:
Place your order with the Buy Now button. 
If you selected the 1-Question reading, send me your question in the text field or via email
I'll record your reading via video, and share a private link to it on my YouTube channel.
Turn-around time 24-48 hours.
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Personalized Tarot on Demand!


What's awesome about this is that your reading is done intentionally and specifically only for you!  I don't go to other websites and cut and paste the meaning of the cards; I draw on my intuition and call on my spirit guides, and incorporate that information with the wisdom of the Tarot to provide a clear message of substance for you. 

Readings on demand is a new option I've made available;

so these are temporary, introductory prices good through February 22, 2019.

3-Card Tarot Draw        $19.99

Personalized 3-card draw interpretation


1-Question Tarot           $29.99

Send me one question and I'll do a reading for you


Celtic Spread 10-Card    $75.00

Personalized, full spread reading + Oracle card

Gives you a full explanation of what's going on, where it came from, where you stand on it, and where you're headed if nothing changes. Who's on your side, what's around the bend?

Select which reading option you'd like and order below!

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