Join us for an amazing activation 2.2.2020!

1000Suns graphic.png

Experience a dynamic, co-creative energy healing event designed to align, activate, and awaken your Soul Language. Be attuned to the inner power of 1000 Suns (at the mid-point between winter and spring) as you're guided through a series of energetic activations to ignite Soul Purpose & Presence.

* Brief history of Light Language, "tongues" & soulful communication through ages
*Grounding and centering meditation
*Group energy healing
*Key components such as sound and light as medicine
*chanting, seed words, chakra sounds
*Speaking words of power and your personal soul language
*Planetary Healing
*Sound Bath with crystal singing bowls and sound equipment
*Take away document and crystal charged and blessed for you!

Event attendance: $199
Optional upgrade: Post event Q&A followed by

dinner at 5pm + $30