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LOOK at what worrying about your problems does to your aura!

These aura scans are of the same person, just moments apart.

The difference?

A soft, subtle, undercurrent of gentle, silent energy made up of peace, balance, acceptance, universal belonging, confidence, growth, and inner guidance


What's wrong; and what happens when you put your thoughts there

This is a female client, that I did a healing for previously. When she returned to her life and the same stressors (such as home/work/family etc) flared up, the client was afraid she would slip out of sorts. But, her inner voice was growing stronger!

Her scan upon arrival - the image on the left. Great job! She held it, and this is further evidence that the effects of my healing technique do not wear off like standard Reiki does. She didn't slip, she held it and I was able to show her in real-time...


When she came in, her scan was the left. When we TALKED ABOUT the stressors, she went from the beautiful greens and blues on the left to oranges to orange-reds to a little red to TOTALLY RED as seen here!

In the blink of an eye, all that is wrong came flooding her mind, which led her to feeling a light-headedness and uncomfortable sensations in the body!

It translates to pain, stress, fears, constricting energy, which is destructive. This is your body going into panic, anxiety, fight/flight/freeze mode. Notice all the energy drops to the lower chakras.

Your energy is not static, it's more like plasma, always changing like a liquid fog of light; sort of like the really cool concerts that have a killer light shows with the fog machines and the dramatic, deep visuals.

Things happen and your body reacts. It is important to have self-awareness so you can know how to have those self conversations and prevent freak-outs, panic attacks, and going deeply into depression. You learn to self-regulate, which in turn increases your overall health and state of being! Eventually even this, is like training wheels that with practice, will fall off on their own and you will be happier by default, without effort and your world will start to open up to new opportunites, your stagnance gets broken, so many wonderful things start to go your way.

You start becoming happier, and more empowered!

When you realize how powerful you truly are, and that you don't need to let the world poop on you, THAT is when YOUR LIFE CHANGES.

What I do for a living is helping people just like you FIND who they truly are, deep inside, and illuminate their PURPOSE, growing confidence and becoming unstoppable!

This client was so delighted to see, live before her eyes, how her thoughts made her body react. Now she realizes it is a CHOICE and catches herself WAY before anything escalates! Empowering. Life-changing.

Reach out and try a session! Zoom available. Read up and book on my website:


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