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Jupiter in Pisces Alchemic Spiritual Oil                                $47


This oil is awesome to help you ‘get off the ground.’ It tickles the upper chakras (throat, third eye and crown). It helps bring you to that dreamy place, where it is safe for you to navigate around and ask questions of your guidance/higher self, your angels, and your loved ones on the other side.


I feel it can help you to really intuit and ’see.’ Don’t be surprised if you get visions or recollections of past life experiences, or a feeling of ‘remembering’ who you are at soul level. This product gives you the key to see and truly awaken, experiencing your own multidimensionality. Additionally, this oil can assist you in accessing your Akashic records.   - Sorry, temporarily sold out. 

Read the complete package insert here

Jupiter in Pisces Meditation Oil
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