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Rare, OOK Sacred Tibetan Skull

Rare, OOK Sacred Tibetan Skull


Look and feel this incredibly powerful Tibetan Skull from Nepal. It has emerald, ruby, and turquoise.


TIBETAN SKULLS are related with old temples. 

Tibetan skull means a kapala (Sanskrit for "skull") is a skull cup used as a ritual implement (bowl) in both Hindu Tantra and Buddhist Tantra (Vajrayana). Especially in Tibet, they are often carved or elaborately mounted with precious metals and jewels.

It is used in the old temples.


They teach love (love is fusion between light and dark).


A Tibetan rock crystal skull dating from the beginning of the 20th century, decorated with silver gildings, emeralds and rubies roots, and decorations (animal and floral) taken from Hinduism and Buddhism... This very decorative object has been restored in the sixties for exportation and symbolizes the wisdom, compassion and understanding for traditional Tibetans



This one height is 21cm and length 17.5cm width 12cm


Does this sacred piece call to  you to be its next Guardian? 


Exchange is $3175


$150 for insured shipping.


Local pickup is available at 11 Martha in Ellicottville or 19 E Main in Falconer. 

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