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Paying it Forward


Launching March 25, 2019

There is plenty of evidence published about the benefits of doing random acts of kindness.  This Huffington Post article says, "You can benefit your heart, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and simply be a happier human being."  

This program gives businesses the chance to bring healing and happiness to others.


In healing others, you also heal yourself.

Send Healing
Receive Healing

A Day of Healing


GIVING:   Your business can send a 'Day of Healingto another local business!  It can be a business that you select (as long as they have submitted a form to be on our list), or we can choose from the businesses who have already submitted a "Receive Healing" form. 


If you choose, you may donate it anonymously.

RECEIVING:   To be eligible to bring a Day of Healing to your company, an authorized representative or officer must first complete a request form; and be verified via phone and/or over email.

The Day of Healing recipient may choose either Energy Healing or a Therapy Pet Visit.


(1) An energy healing session for either 1, 4 or 8 hours. 

It can be one session for a group, or several back to back individual sessions; these details will be decided and agreed upon between the recipient business and Suzanne, prior to commencement.

(2) A 2-hour visit with Patrick the Therapy Dog. Patrick is a 6 year old Mastiff mix and Suzanne's personal pet. He is a registered and certified therapy dog by the American Kennel Club and the SPCA.

The 'Giver' company will receive a certificate of recognition for participating in the paying it forward program, along with a small thank you gift.

To have your business added to the stand-by list, you must be a verifiable business entity.

No visits to private residences are permitted.

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