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Certification Course

Take your pick! New offerings added randomly so check back often!


Deep-Level Spiritual Detox!  $45

Do you feel there is a heavy energy hovering over or around you?

Do you notice, sense or perceive random dense pockets of energy, or feel that you are in one?

Are you personally/individually experiencing a stream of several negative events?

Have you felt like you're under extreme pressure, or have been unusually edgy?

Have you had a recent onset of an odd health condition that is lingering?

Have you been unable to shake negative thoughts? Are you getting caught back into negative behaviors, relapsing?

​Have you recently become addicted to consumption and have lacked creativity?

All the above are symptoms of imbalances, but there may be a negative life force that is feasting on your fears and causing you to trip up. 

This workshop will:

  • Explain energetic implants, shadow parasites, negative thought forms, and other types of energy attachments. 

  • Show you how to inventory your energy to detect the presence of these.

  • Do a removal of the various negative forms.

  • Perform a POWERFUL, intensive energetic detox and cleanse.

  • Detox your entire field, and your space

  • Boost your immune system 

  • Teach you how to prevent parasitic infestation

  • Explain how to maintain your light for optimum health

Packed with valuable information and experiential, you experience this in REAL TIME no matter when you watch it.


The result - You will feel brighter, cleaner, lighter, and more clear! 

"What I got from this class was intense and so very cool.


"I was feeling all this energy and like a light show moving through me. Omg super cool. The energy was so fabulous."

Duration: 2 hours

Regular price for this deep level of work is $111

JUNE SPECIAL  Being offered for only $45

crystal skulls workshop

How to Work with Crystal Skulls $33

Why are crystal skulls a thing?


How and why do they work?

Find out how to use your skull for communications, for energy healing, for meditations and for guidance.

Learn how to connect with your crystal skull, discover some examples and potentials of what you can do together.  

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