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15% off Mother's Day Special

Frameable Gift Certificates

from April 25 - May 14

For that special person; be it a mother, a mother figure, a caretaker, a mother-in-law, a mother-to-be, grandmother, or just the kindest woman you know. 

Maybe that kindest woman is you.

 15% off

 a Deep Energy Healing Session 

 or a Vibrational Sound Therapy Treatment 


You Decide How You Want it!

1. We can email it to you and you can print it and place in a 5x7 photo frame (great way to present it as a gift)!   Turnaround time: 24 hours or less.

- or -

2. For an additional $15 (total), we can make it, frame it, and you can pick it up at the shop (Good for the Spirit Gifts, 11 Martha St, Ellicottville NY), or we will ship it anywhere in the continental US!

Turnaround time: 24 hours to produce, and next business day to ship.

ADDITIONAL TERMS: Promotional period is April 25th thru May 14, 2023. Gift Certificates will have a unique code which can be used as the method of payment when scheduling the appointment using the online booking tool. Gift Certificates will be valid for one calendar year from date of issue. No change can be given, no exchanges or refunds. There is no limit on the number of Gift Certificates purchased during the promotion time.

Healing Session with before and after.jpg
Healing Session with before and after.jpg

Deep Energy Healing

Much stronger than traditional Reiki.

Bring your pains and traumas, and be ready to let them go!

Specific frequency music softly fills the room, you comfortably lay on a healing table while Suzy sounds tuning forks and  dissolves old conditioning and hurts, moving stuck energy and healing woundedness on all your energy bodies - without laying a finger on you. You may feel tingling, warmth, and will leave feeling lighter, brigher, happier, and having more clarity!   After purchase, click on ORDER FORM at the bottom of this page.

Session takes 1 hour - Reg. $135   

Special Sale Price $114.75

Vibrational Sound Therapy 

It starts with reflexology via vibration, as weighted body tuners (therapeutic tuning forks) are applied to your feet, and at various  accupoints on the body  where energy is knotted up.


Therapeutic singing bowls are placed on key points of the body, then gently tapped. The rich vibrations send soft, sacred geometric wave patterns throughout your body. 

Add the ancient scent of Frankincense (aromatherapy) that fills the room and solfeggio frequency music in the background ... as the water in your body vibrates like Monks chanting, and brings you to a calm, enlightened and peaceful state.

Gongs and other sound healing instruments are also incorporated as Suzy intuitively connects with your energy. ​After purchase, fill out the ORDER FORM at the bottom of this page.

(Only available in person)

1 Hour Session - Reg. $150


Special Sale Price $127.50 

Vibrational Sound Massage 20230317_171144.jpg
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