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Lion's Gate Spiritual Retreat
The Next Level 
 Aug 12-14, 2022


The Lion's Gate portal is a term used to describe a cosmic alignment that occurs when Sirius aligns with Orion's Belt which also aligns with the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza.


It occurs when the sun is traveling through the astrological constellation of Leo, which rules the heart, peaking on 8/8. Of course there is also the numerology and symbology of the infinity 8 and 8/8.

During this approximately 2 week span, we receive tremendous energies from the cosmos to help us connect with our own higher self, transform our energies to that of a higher frequency, become powerfully heart centered, while being divinely connected.

Level 2

This is an Advanced Level workshop created for those who attended the original 2021 Lion's Gate retreat or 2020's "The Awakening" retreat.

A 'Rough Draft' of what we will be discussing, learning and/or doing: 

Dream work and Dream Interpretations

Calling home - your spiritual home! Gain a glimpse into your soul's origins.


Astral travel


Truly dropping your karma. Getting off the Karmic system once and for all.


Youthing! How to (seriously) reverse the aging process



Techniques and tools for rapid spiritual development and growth


Tools to enhance your inner vision (stimulate your third eye on-demand) 


Spiritual and Kundalini breath work

Super-Heightening your intuition and how to integrate it into daily life

How to fully FORGIVE everyone including yourself!

How to psychically read people, photos, and situations

Telepathy and mediumship exercises

A stroll into the Akashic Records 

How to follow energy trails 

How to "talk" to Spirit and get immediate answers


DANCING - Suzy's birthday is the 15th



Lion's Gate Retreat Suzy Woo
Lions Gate Spiritual Retreat Fire Ceremony

Expect next level:
- Miraculous Healing
- Incredible Insights 
- Absolute Activations

Sound Immersion with Gongs and Singing bowls
Journeying Cacao Ceremony
 Multiple Healing Modalities for you all weekend!
Frequency Upgrade/DNA Activation
A Suzy WooWoo 'Goody bag' 

A Next-Level Life-Changing experience!

Lion's Gate Retreat Suzy Woo

All Inclusive, Pay One Price.

The Full Experience Bundled Package 

TIMES: Friday 5-10pm, Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 8am-7pm

Full access to all sessions and activities Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Friday: Welcome reception, hors d'oeuvres, sound healing meditation, fire ceremony
JOURNEYING Cacao Ceremony Saturday night
Includes lodging for Friday and Saturday
Three delicious 5-star chef prepared meals Saturday and Sunday

  Single room occupancy: $919
  Double room* occupancy: $799
     *Double room means you share a room with another attendee.

       If you wish to room with a particular registrant we will totally accommodate that!
       Otherwise, we will assign a room mate of the same gender identity (don't worry we are all amazing; we do not attract low vibe people!) 

   Upgrade to a private villa both nights for additional $99

   There is an option to pay the deposit only to hold your seat. You'll get an invoice in your email. Your ticket needs to be paid in full by the day of the event. 

Commuter Options - if you don't require lodging

Full Experience Commuter       $599


     I'm IN! Buy my ticket now!    


Beaver Hollow Conference Center

(Home of The Biggest Loser)

1083 Pit Road

Java, NY 14082

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