Special  Events

Clients, fans and friends of Suzy Woo and the Woo Life Community are privileged to be extended this generous, exclusive offer

to help you heal your fears, restore calm, and trust your intuition, quickly!


Life Energy Healing


with Kunal Dudeja  

May 25 thru June 12, 2020,  Monday, Wednesday and Fridays  12-2pm 

Life Energy Healing Level 1


18 hours of live training, Includes:

Thought Cancellation Technique

Time Declaration Technique


Surrendering Technique

Gratitude Technique

Focus or Box Breathing

Living in the Heart Space & Present moment

Grounding technique

Focus Shifting Technique

7 Harmony Healing

Healing for Forgiveness with Self & Others

Brain & Heart Alignment

Creating Harmony with Others

Harmonizing Yin & Yang

Harmonizing the 5 Elements

Energy Ball for healing situations

Manifesting intentions

Universal Healing & Chanting for Universe

6 Divine Healing

White Light Healings

Healing with Divine Circle

Angel Healing

Soul Healing

Surrender Healing

Purification Healing

6 Psychic Healing

Psychic Healing

Golden Light Healing

Life Flow Healing

Future Date Healing

Subconscious Self-Healing

Abundance Healing


Anchoring Technique

Perceptual Positioning

Memory Deletion

Participation Certification



Individually these methods are  valued WELL OVER $700

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, Kunal has agreed to extend this training to the Woo Community for just $167!

YES! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

Meet and learn about Kunal here.

After purchasing, and before the event,  you will receive an email with the link to REGISTER for the class. You must register to access the session. Use the link in the registration confirmation email to join the class live, where you can participate live with Kunal and Suzy, and ask questions live in the chat.

Sorry, no refunds given.