Beginner's Guide to Astrology        Thursday April 14, 6-8:30pm

An introduction to the world of astrology!

In this introductory class you'll learn the basics to what astrology is, how it works, and exactly what an astrology chart represents! What is the difference between a birth chart and a transit chart? What are the biggest things to look at in a chart? What kind of information does a chart tell you? (the answer - EVERYTHING!)

Learn the language of astrology in plain English. And what better way to gain an understanding of personal astrology than by our own chart! As an attendee, you have a chance to have your chart studied and explained as part of the class!

This workshop is being offered live in-person and online. If you can't attend live, you will get the video replays and hand outs via email.

No experience necessary!  $45

Limited to 10 people in-person, no limit online.

Location: Suzy Woo's office - 11 Martha St, Ellicottville 


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